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Charting 101 – Webcast

Watch the video and download the samples used in the webcast.

Adding More Interaction to C1Chart (Drag Points)

The ComponentOne Chart control (WPF/Silverlight) provides four useful methods that help with custom user interaction. They allow you to determine which data point is nearest the mouse, as well as quickly convert plot coordinates to control coordinates and vice versa. Use any combination of these methods to unlock virtually any form of user-to-plot interaction imaginable.

Handling Large Data Sets with C1DataGrid and C1Chart

Most Silverlight applications access data from web services. The problems we face is that sometimes the UI controls perform poorly when handling large amounts of data, whether you're using a listbox, datagrid, chart, etc, and it also becomes impractical to try and send really large amounts of data over the wire at once. So we have to look at how we can workaround these problems to optimize our application. There are several techniques we can use, some of which are provided for free from the controls:

What’s New: Chart Aggregates

The ComponentOne Chart for WPF and Silverlight has a new Aggregate feature which performs instant aggregation on the plotted data. By simply setting one property we can change the chart's view to calculate and display an aggregation, such as total count, average, sum and standard deviation.

Charting in Reports for WinForms

Charting in Reports for WinForms