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Using the new C1CollectionView in ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin

The CollectionView is a powerful tool for organizing data, and the new ComponentOne Xamarin Edition ships with a brand new version of the popular control. The C1CollectionView provides a method for grouping, sorting, and filtering data, and the newest release brings this powerful ability to many new platforms.

What's New in WPF and Silverlight 2013 v3

Studio Enterprise 2013 v3 is now available just one day after the release of Visual Studio 2013. Normally each release I post about what's new in all of the ComponentOne XAML studios in one post but this time i'm splitting out WinRT XAML from Silverlight and WPF because there's too much to mention for each studio. Studio for WinRT XAML continues to expand greatly (see my next post about that), while WPF and Silverlight have some exciting new stuff that's exclusive to these platforms such as themes and 3D charts. Let's run through what you'll find new inside Studio for WPF and Silverlight this release.

Using the Windows 8 Search Charm with C1CollectionView and C1FlexGrid

With the C1CollectionView class you can filter your data collection in an easy and familiar fashion. C1CollectionView is a more powerful implementation of the ICollectionView interface that includes support for sorting, filtering and grouping. If you come from WPF or Silverlight and are used to working with CollectionView, then you will love C1CollectionView for WinRT.

A WinRT CollectionView class with Filtering and Sorting

Data filtering and sorting are important features of .NET since it was introduced over 10 years ago. The DataTable class has supported both since .NET 1.0.

Studio for WinRT XAML January Update

Today we have released a major update of Studio for WinRT XAML! Highlights of this update include: