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WPF DataGrid Performance Review

Last summer we published the first version of WPF DataGrid Performance Comparison. Let's look at an updated version and share some new numbers. If you'd like to skip the methodology, jump right to the results.

WPF DataGrid Performance Comparison: Our Methodology and Results

It's about 10 years since the first official release of WPF. We started our XAML development almost at the same time. Even with such a long history, we're still trying to improve: have we really succeeded in creating fast, flexible controls? I wasn't able to find any good WPF datagrid performance comparison out there, only a few old discussions about now-defunct controls. This benchmark is an attempt to review our strong and weak points comparing with different data grids on the market in several key use cases.

Apply Conditional Formatting to a DataGrid with ValidationStyleDecorator

Providing users with visual cues about data validation is an important part of any interface design. The ValidationStyleDecorator in DataGrid allows you to highlight, color, add alerts, and otherwise perform both validation and conditional formatting simultaneously.

4 Steps to Creating an Inverted DataGrid

Let's look at how we transpose a matrix so that rows become columns, and columns become rows, creating an inverted DataGrid.

Conditional DataTemplates in C1DataGrid

ComponentOne’s DataGrid for WPF gives us the ability to create different types of Columns. But what if we wish to add different types of cells in a single column. We can surely achieve this functionality in C1DataGrid with the help of DataTriggers in a DataGridTemplateColumn. The different cell contents are created based on the data which is bound to it, we just need to check the data or its type and add a DataTemplate accordingly.

C1DataGrid Row selection in case of Template Column using MVVM

With this blog we will discuss a user scenario wherein the row in the C1DataGrid gets selected when the TextBox contained inside the C1DataGridTemplateColumns is selected. The behavior would be handled in the case of SingleRow as well as MultipleRow Selection modes following the MVVM approach.

Getting Started With C1ProgressIndicator

C1ProgressIndicator is one of the new controls added in the latest Studio for WPF 2014 V3 release. This control can display the progress while a process is being executed. One example is while loading data or other documents in a datacentric application. C1ProgressIndicator is very useful in a multi-threaded environment where multiple threads are executing at the same time and for putting a thread into wait state or sleep state.

HowTo: Single Click Row Selection in C1DataGrid

ComponentOne DataGrid for Silverlight offers great deal of flexibility in the way its rows/ cells are selected. Please refer to the documentation for a list of the SelectionModes offered by C1DataGrid.

Show Progress Dialog While Loading Data

When you're designing your application you need to consider how you handle data loading in order to ensure the application always remains responsive to the user. Generally this is done by carrying out any data loading on a background thread, allowing the user to continue to interact with the application while the data is being loaded. However, this often leads the user to query whether anything is happening; which leads to the use of a progress bar to indicate that some activity is being executed in the background. Once the data has been loaded the progress bar should be hidden and the relevant controls to display the data should be shown.

C1DataGrid Custom Grouping and Totals

In this blog post I demonstrate a few key features of the C1DataGrid control for WPF and Silverlight that help you build a grid like you see in Microsoft Outlook. First I will show you how to enable simple grouping aggregation, that is, I will show you how to display calculated totals on grouped rows. Then I will go a bit further and show how we can use traditional value converters to customize the appearance of grouped rows, aggregate values and even visualizing data as images.

Implement MultiDataTriggers in C1DataGrid

With this blog, we will see how one can implement MultiDataTrigger in conjunction with C1DataGrid.

Handle DoubleClick Event in Silverlight4 using C1TapHelper

One of the customers requested for displaying the contents of a row in C1DataGrid when it is double clicked in Silverlight 4.

C1DataGrid : Print Selected Cell Range

ComponentOne DataGrid for WPF supports printing and has an inbuilt Print method to achieve the same.

MultiThreading with C1DataGrid for WPF

MultiThreading is mostly used to create more responsive user interface, although it can be used for other tasks as well, like performing some action while still waiting for a response from a web service.

CommandBinding in WPF DataGrid - Part II

We discussed how to do CommandBinding 'MouseLeftButtonUp' event to find the selected row in WPF C1DataGrid in our first Blog.

Load Data from CSV File to ComponentOne Grids for Wpf

Almost all grid components (Wpf/Silverlight), including Wpf C1DataGrid and C1Flexgrid have an 'ItemSource' property that gets or sets the data source of the control. This property accepts objects of type System.Collections.IEnumerable. However, there might be a scenario when user needs to read and load data from a CSV file to the grid. There's no direct property/method available for this and here we discuss how to implement this.

Copy Data from Excel to ComponentOne Grids for Wpf

Provision to copy data from MS-Excel to any grid component is quite a common requirement. Here, we discuss the same implementation using C1DataGrid and C1FlexGrid for WPF.

Binding WPF C1DataGrid to XML File

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) provides developers with a vast amount of data binding functionality. However, one area where the data binding falls short is with the XmlDataProvider. XmlDataProvider Class enables declarative access to XML data for data binding. With an XmlDataProvider, the underlying data that can be accessed through data binding in your application can be any tree of XML nodes. In other words, an XmlDataProvider provides a convenient way to use any tree of XML nodes as a binding source.

Multiple Row Selection in C1DataGrid Without Using Ctrl Key

Among the many features provided by Silverlight C1DataGrid, a very useful one is multiple row selection. This may be enabled by simply setting its 'SelectionMode' property to 'MultiRow'. This enables the user to select/unselect rows by keeping Ctrl/Shift keys pressed when rows are clicked via mouse.

How To: Get the Filtered Out Row Collection in C1DataGrid

In series of How To articles, this blog provides a small utility code implementation to retrieve the rows which have been filtered out of C1DataGrid for Silverlight.