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Handling merged cell in C1Excel

C1Excel lets you merge multiple cells, so as to display them as a single cell. Further it even lets you wrap the cell text in case the text is too long. This blog discusses how you can enhance a cell which is a combination of the above two features.

How To: Export Multiple C1TrueDbGrids to Excel Sheets

There are many scenarios where we would want to export data into Excel format. The data could be from multiple ComponentOne TrueDbGrid for WinForms controls or from any other data bound control. However, using a C1TrueDbGrid control's ExportToExcel method we can't export multiple C1TrueDbGrids to a single Excel file.

C1Excel - Load Overloads !

I know the title seems a bit simple, and sounds more like a forum post at the wrong place, but sometimes the easiest assumptions may not be the best for us, same as the easiest implementation can be tricky for your code. It may happen that for unseen reasons, the environment where your application runs, changes and not every time can this be under your control. You cannot control where anyone is going to run the application you built, you can only suggest.

C1Excel - FileFormat 101

While we are aiming to providing the most complex of solutions, we sometimes get stuck on the most basic of the steps. It happens to all of us, I would say that is part of being a developer, and if you are not getting stuck at the basics, its no fun at all. :)

Load and Display Excel Files in your Windows Phone App

Control libraries are extremely useful when you need to work with special file formats, like PDF and Excel, because learning how to read and write to these raw formats is very time consuming. ComponentOne has plenty of libraries and tools for these popular file formats including our Excel library for the Windows Phone. In this blog post I show how you can load Excel (XLSX) and CSV files using the C1Excel library, and then I show how you can display the contents of the file in a C1FlexGrid and C1Chart control.

What's New in WinRT XAML 2013 v3

Studio Enterprise 2013 v3 is already here and there are many exciting new things in Studio for WinRT XAML. This release is completely centered around Windows 8.1 as we move forward with new changes - some even taking advantage of 8.1 features. For instance, each control now supports the RequestedTheme property which allows you to specify a light or dark theme for any control in your app. The C1PdfViewer and C1FlexGrid controls have been enhanced to take advantage of the latest Windows 8.1 features. Plus, we have a few new controls and major enhancements to existing ones. Read more below.

Resize Columns in C1Excel

C1XLBook can be used to load existing Excel files or create new ones. It may also be used for adding sheets, styles, hyperlinks, images, headers and footers, page breaks etc.

Microsoft Excel provides a Print Titles feature to print the row and column headings or labels on every page if a worksheet spans more than one page while printing. In simple words, Print Titles are the rows and columns repeated at the top and left of each page respectively, when a sheet is printed.

Exporting C1List to Excel

At times, some requirements come out to be too tricky to implement. I am talking about exporting the data from C1List to an Excel file.

Preserving Indentation while exporting C1TrueDbGrid Grouped columns to Excel

C1TrueDbGrid data can be exported as an Excel file using ExportToExcel() method. However, when the C1TrueDbGrid with grouped columns is exported to a spreadsheet, the group indentation is not preserved and all the columns appear together.

Implementing Subtotals, Loading particular sheet in C1Excel

In this blog, two recently added features are being discussed :

Insert Rows in Excel though code, Just like MSExcel

MSExcel as an application does a lot in the background, which when we start implementing through code would require a lot of efforts. A very simple example would be the ability to add / insert row/rows in between already existing data. Simple as it may seem to the end user this is a task which requires numerous backend tasks to be executed simultaneously or in quick succession, and apparently invisible to the end user.

Using Licensed WinForms controls in WPF

Did you know that you can use licensed WinForms controls in WPF applications? It's true.