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Adding Gauges to C1Ribbon

ComponentOne Ribbon has a RibbonControlHost element which can add arbitrary controls to Ribbon. You can easily add a control by defining a new class inheriting C1.Win.C1Ribbon.RibbonControlHost.

Draggable Pointer in C1LinearGauge

C1Gauge (SL and WPF) provides pointers to display values in a range. You may want to change the value by dragging the pointer to a specified value, just like a simple slider control behaves.

Export C1Gauge to Image

Many users have asked us whether it is possible to export C1Gauge as an image. Currently we don't have a direct method available for exporting gauges to images. However since this is a .NET based control, we can use standard methods to capture the image of this control and then save it. Using this method we can save C1Gauge as an image.

20 Tips and Tricks for Building Gauges

In a previous blog post I discussed creating radial gauges with C1Gauge- the ultimate gauge-inator. I've worked with this control a lot, so for this post I thought I would share my knowledge and put together 20 tips and tricks that cover more topics of gauge implementation. They're in no specific order...

What's New in WinForms 2010 v2

In the 2010 v2 release we've really added a little something for everyone. We've added enhancements to 13 different controls including new ways to work with images in C1Ribbon and C1InputPanel, new Office 2010 Visual Styles in Menus & Toolbars and even new interactive features in C1Gauge. Check out the release details and watch this video below:

What's New: Gauges for WinForms

New in 2010, ComponentOne Gauges for WinForms provides the flexibility to create simple, practical gauges that get the job done while also supplying all of the advanced features to create the most eye-catching, sophisticated and professional looking gauges imaginable.