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RenderInputText Validation in C1PrintDocument

C1PrintDocument is ideally used for displaying the generated Reports. However, it goes beyond this feature and supports user interactivity as it can act as a container for few input controls like TextBox, Button, CheckBoxes and RadioButtons.

Loading ActiveX VSPrinter Documents into C1PrintDocument

Few years ago we had a sample for converting and viewing VsPrinter Documents (*.vp) files in C1PrintPreview (1.x) control. But after the introduction of 2.0 framework and merging of C1Report and C1Preview controls, the object model of the Preview controls changed.

Localization of ExportOptions Dialog in C1Reports

The C1Reports provide support for creating localized versions of all end-user visible strings for different cultures at design time and switch between languages at run time. To localize Reports for WinForms components in your application, refer to Report Documentation.

Adding Custom Toolbar Button in Preview Controls

The two most important controls offered by C1Reports to view C1Report or C1PrintDocument contents are :