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Video: Batch Convert C1Report XML to FlexReport

If you've already got a collection of C1Report for WinForms reports, now's the time to upgrade your reports to FlexReport. With the XMLtoFLXRConverter sample, you can batch convert all of your C1Reports to FlexReport quickly and seamlessly, and you'll get all the great features, speed, and flexibility we've built into FlexReport.

How C1Report Became FlexReport: An Interview

A discussion with three GrapeCity developers on how we evolved from C1Report to the new FlexReport reporting tool.

Customizing Report Designer: Making it Easy to Create Parameterized Reports

While working with Report Designer in Reports for WinForms, the first thought that may come in your mind is "How great would it be if my application had this or that functionality?" And why shouldn't your app have it? After all, you can almost do everything from creating reports to print, preview, import and export them using a single application. Reports for WinForms is a complete package for creating simple to complex reports of almost every need.

New Chart Types for Smarter Data Visualization in Reporting for WinForms

​​There are various situations where you need smarter data visualization capabilities to interpret data and make quick decisions. ​Thw 2015 v2 release added these capabilities for you by introducing new charts in Reports for WinForms.​

Combining the Usage of C1Report and C1PrintDocument

Interchangeability is the law of nature. Every matter in the universe, from mass to energy, can be transformed from one form to another. The main advantage of interchangeability is the flexibility to achieve the requirement harnessing the best use of any form. Nevertheless, its true for various aspects in IT as well.

How To: Export Multiple C1TrueDbGrids to a Single PDF

Exporting data to a PDF file is one of the most commonly preferred features in the .NET world. The essential ComponentOne TrueDbGrid for WinForms control has in-built support for PDF export. ExportToPDF method provides support for exporting data from a C1TrueDbGrid control to a PDF file. However, using ExportToPDF() method we can't export multiple C1TrueDbGrids to a single PDF file.

Adding C1Themes to an existing WinForms application

In this post I will show how to add C1Themes support to an existing WinForms application. The application I will be using is the C1dView sample shipped with C1Reports. It is a C1Report/C1PrintDocument viewer application with a C1Ribbon-based UI. As shipped, it does not include themes. The few simple steps described below add the ability for the end user to select and apply one of the predefined themes included in the C1Themes product, to the C1dView app. (Note: to follow those steps, you must have C1Reports, C1Command, C1Ribbon and C1Themes products - all part of the ComponentOne Studio for WinForms - installed on your system; I will be using C# but the same can easily be done in VB.)

Dynamic C1PrintDocument Generation Based on Page Size

Generally, when the records are rendered on a C1PrintDocument, they adjust according to the page size and if there is not much space available, the content is split across pages.

Vertical Page Header in C1Reports

C1Report is a banded report in which each Section is rendered horizontally (from left to right) one below the other. One of the most important section of the report is PageHeader that is rendered on each page of the report and run along the top of each page, horizontally.

Merge with C1MultiDocument

C1MultiDocument component allows creating, persisting, and exporting large documents that cannot be handled by a single C1PrintDocument object due to memory limitations. This was added in C1Reports in 2011v2 release.

Customize Layout of Specific Page in C1Report

C1Report offers the ability to display a header on each page for a more organized view. Page headings give the report a professional look and the one reading the report has an idea of what he/she is looking at.

How To: Toggle GroupFooter Visibility in C1Report

Grouping is one of the most commonly used feature when it comes to designing a report using C1Reports for Winforms. After designing the basic layout, you may decide that grouping the records by certain fields or some other criteria would make the report easier to read and analyze. Grouping allows you to separate the groups of records visually and display introductory and summary data for each group. It can vary from one report to another as the level of grouping and the implementation would be as per the requirements of the user. For more information on how to do this, you can refer to this documentation link.

Using ReportViewer in MVC

Our ReportViewer WebForms Control is one of the best in the industry. It has a unique rendering engine that we call WebPaper. The technique we use is similar to what Google docs uses for their document viewer.

Printing Specific Pages in C1Report

Sometimes users have a requirement when they would like to print only a range of pages or print specific pages only. Suppose we have a report containing 5 pages and we'd like to preview/print only the first 3 pages or only the last 3 pages or just the 1st, 3rd and 5th pages.

Licensing Problems: The licenses.licx file and You

So you've downloaded WinForms Edition, installed and entered your license key, and you're ready to tackle some code.  Let’s say you want to start using C1Reports…

Mail Merge with C1Report in Silverlight

Mail Merge is a useful feature and it helps generating multiple documents from a single template.

Troubleshooting Missing CustomFields in C1ReportDesigner

The C1ReportDesigner is a tool used for creating and editing report definition files. To enhance your report, you can add fields (for example, lines, rectangles, labels, pictures and so on) to any Section in the report definition file. For advanced reporting requirements, this designer tool also provides CustomFields like Charts, BarCode, Map and few more.

Typed Dataset DataSource for ActiveReports 7 & C1Report

ComponentOne provides two reporting tools namely ActiveReports 7 and C1Report . These components give developers and the end users similar flexibility to connect reports to various data sources. One data source that has been garnering a lot of attention has been the XSD or the Typed Dataset.