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Multi-Language Spell-checking with C1RichTextBox

In the 2013 v3 release we added spell-checking to the C1RichTextBox control for WinRT XAML. Spell-checking requires a dictionary file to supply the list of words. To enable spell-checking and load a dictionary file from the application resources, the code required looks like this:

Spell-checking in WPF

The C1SpellChecker component provides easy and efficient spell-checking for your WPF applications. It has built-in dialogs, similar to Microsoft Word spell-checking, that allow users to ignore, change words and even add them to a custom user dictionary.

SpellChecking C1Chart

ComponentOne Studio for Winforms provides lot of utility controls to meet various requirements of the developers. Once such requirement from our customer was to spell check the strings inside the C1Chart Labels. This blog explains a small implementation to apply spell checking on a Chart object.

Merge Multiple Dictionaries using C1DictionaryEditor

The C1SpellChecker provides 21 international dictionaries in addition to the English - US dictionary that is built into the control. However, you may want to merge two dictionaries into one. To do this we will use a C1SpellChecker Dictionary Editor called C1DictionaryEditor.exe that allows us to create and maintain dictionary files (.dct).