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Displaying Tooltips in C1Chart

Tooltips are a very effective and straight forward way to extend the charts and add more information to them, without overloading the user. When you hover over the points in the data series on the chart area at runtime, the tooltips appear for each point.

How To: Adjust The C1SuperTooltip Display Time

C1Supertooltip for Winforms has been a revolution when it comes to the requirement to customize the appearance of the tooltip. Sometimes we need the tooltips to stay longer than the usual time while hovering on various controls. Usually ToolTip disappears as soon as the mouse is moved from the control.

RTL Support In C1SuperTooltip

ComponentOne SuperTooltip for WinForms allows you to create visually rich WinForms applications with Vista-style ToolTips and labels that can display HTML content. C1SuperTooltip supports virtually all HTML constructs, including cascading style sheets, mixed fonts and text colors, preformatted text, tables, bulleted and numbered lists, and more.