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Highlight Row on MouseHover in C1TrueDbGrid

Every programmer has its own unique requirements. The other day one of our customers required Highlighting the entire Row while moving the cursor on C1TrueDbGrid.

Resize Custom Editors in C1TrueDbgrid using C1SizerLight

´╗┐ComponentOne TrueDbGrid provides support for setting dropdown editors for columns. You can set an MS-Combo, Checkboxes or C1TrueDbDropDown as column editors. These have been provided for the ease of data presentation/manipulation to the end-user for a long time.

Different Scrolling Implementations in C1TrueDbGrid

It is often required in the application/control to detect Start and End of Scroll to get a certain behaviour with respect to scrolling.

Handling Copy & Paste of Entire Row in C1TrueDbGrid

This blog explains an approach in C1TrueDbGrid to Copy and Paste entire Row when selecting a row using RecordSelector. Once the entire row is being selected using RecordSelector, then on pressing Ctrl+C, its default behavior is such that it only copies the cell in focus and not the entire row. This blog further implements our own key press functionality to handle the Copy/ Paste of the entire row rather than just the cell in focus.

Preserving Indentation while exporting C1TrueDbGrid Grouped columns to Excel

C1TrueDbGrid data can be exported as an Excel file using ExportToExcel() method. However, when the C1TrueDbGrid with grouped columns is exported to a spreadsheet, the group indentation is not preserved and all the columns appear together.

Conditionally Allow Focus in a Cell in C1TrueDbGrid

Many of our customers have asked if C1TrueDbGrid offers conditionally enabling/ disabling a cell focus. This blog explains an approach to do the same. That is to allow or disallow focus when user navigates the grid either with the Arrow keys, the TAB key, or clicking with the mouse.

Change Background for Modified Cells in C1TrueDBGrid

C1TrueDBGrid is known to be the best when it comes to its database interaction capabilities. But it has occasionally lacked to meet the increasing demand for UI customization. Even though C1TrueDBGrid provides methods and events to customize the appearance (like cell Foreground, Background), at times you may find yourself stuck on a specific requirement.

Adding Checkbox to C1TrueDbGrid Column Header

ComponentOne TrueDbGrid provides support for displaying boolean values as checkboxes. This is done by setting the Presentation property to PresentationEnum.CheckBox (for more information refer to C1TrueDbGrid Documentation).

C1TrueDbGrid Binding to BindingList Implementing INotifyPropertyChanged Interface

The most commonly used data binding in C1TrueDbGrid is binding the grid to the List<> collection. And the most commonly faced problem in C1TrueDbGrid is that the updations to the collection at runtime are not shown on the grid.