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WPF FlexGrid Style Skills Part 3: Setting the Selected Cell Color and Font

In our last article, we discussed changing the styling a FlexGrid's cell font using the CellFactory. Here, we'll further examine styling a selected cell using the CreateCellContentMethod.

WPF FlexGrid Style Skills Part 2: Cell Foreground Color and Cell Font Settings

In our last article, we discussed changing the background color settings for the cell by rewriting the ApplyCellStyles method, and setting the Border's Background property. This article covers another aspect of styling: how to set the cell font.

WPF FlexGrid Style Skills Part 1: Setting Cell Background Colors

One of the most asked questions for the FlexGrid is how to set the style of the cell (including the foreground color and background color). Normally, we implement the style settings through the FlexGrid's CellFactory by overriding the ApplyCellStyles method. This article introduces you to using the FlexGrid’s CellFactory and provides an example of how to set a specific cell style using FlexGrid.

How to add Custom UIViews to an iOS FlexGrid using NativeControlGridCellFactory

Xuni 2016 v2.5 introduces an easier mechanism for embedding custom UIViews into your FlexGrid cells. This article explains how to use NativeControlGridCellFactory to create this type of custom cell.

Display Row Index in C1FlexGrid for LightSwitch

With this blog, we will be discussing on how to display the Row Index in C1FlexGrid for LightSwitch while maintaining the delete icon and new row icon in row header of C1FlexGrid.

How To: Draw Dotted Cell Borders in C1FlexGrid

Customization has always been the strong USP for C1FlexGridcontrol whether in Winforms, WPF or Silverlight. Specifically its ability to integrate with the default .Net Classes has made it more popular.

Hierarchical Nested Structure with C1FlexGrid

C1Flexgrid for WPF provides lot of features including the option to Group the data. However, it lacks the support for Hierarchical structure. Hierarchical display provides the ability to present the master data to users, such that the related detail data can be viewed in the same grid with a single mouse click. End users can expand and collapse the related row bands using a TreeView-like interface.

HowTo: Collapsible Grouped Columns in C1FlexGrid

While working with grid application, data is generally grouped in Row format which can be expanded and collapsed to toggle the detailed data.

Highlight Search String in Silverlight Flexgrid

Many of our users often requested on how to highlight searched text with changed Foreground in Silverlight Flexgrid. This blog explains a simple approach to do this.

Dynamic Conditional Formatting in C1FlexGrid WPF

C1FlexGrid is a very flexible tool in terms of data representation. It provides a fantastic utility called CellFactory which can take data representation to a whole new level. This class lets you customize the grid at the cell level and hence can be very expedient in accomplishing certain scenarios. You may go through the documentation of the CellFactory class to know more about it.

Financial Data Displays using FlexGrid

One of the more popular demos we have for C1FlexGrid control is the financial demo shown below. It shows a simulated live data feed of stock quotes for over 3,000 companies all in one flashy grid. Aside from the FlexGrid control being used, there are two other interesting aspects to this sample that may be useful for building other financial types of applications. One is the updating mechanism which can trigger numerous updates less than a second apart, and the second aspect is the spark line controls that show brief trends in price history. In this blog post I break down the sample and describe how these aspects work.

Unbound Image Column in C1FlexGrid

Columns with images are pretty common and very useful.  Consider a very simple scenario where an image column represents the current status of an item in a grid.

Highlight Search String in WPF C1DataGrid and C1Flexgrid

Users often have the requirement to change the Foreground of the partial text inside a certain cell in a grid. This could be for a scenario where it is required to highlight some text being searched.

Sorting Non-Empty Cells in Silverlight FlexGrid

Sorting is one of the important features of any grid control and C1FlexGrid for Silverlight also supports this feature. You can easily sort C1FlexGrid in the ascending or descending order by clicking on the column headers just by setting the AllowSorting property to true.

Sorting Unbound C1Flexgrid for WPF

Sorting is one of the most common requirements in all grid controls, irrespective of their platforms (ActiveX, WinForms, ASP.NET, WPF, SilverLight). When the grid is bound, sorting is done automatically when user clicks on column header. The reason is the underlying data source handles it. However, in case of an unbound grid, sorting is not possible as there is no datasource to handle this operation.

C1Flexgrid for LightSwitch Code Snippets

Here is another blog in our Code Snippet series. This time we'll discuss coding snippets to do the following things for C1FlexGrid for Lightswitch :

Cell Text with Strikethrough in C1Flexgrid for Silverlight

With the Silverlight versions evolving day by day, expectations of application designers to enhance the UI is increasing. It won't be wrong to say that Silverlight has been successful to keep pace with their expectations.

Silverlight FlexGrid Binding to MultiLevel List Collection

Data Binding is an important feature for any control specifically for Grid controls. With the advancement of technologies and evolution of Silverlight, DataBinding technologies have provided greater flexibility to present the data to the users in a more processed and systematic way.

Conditional Formatting in Flexgrid for LightSwitch

ComponentOne FlexGrid for LightSwitch is a LightSwitch control extension that uses the same command bar elements as the built-in Data Grid; however, it replaces the underlying Silverlight grid control with the popular ComponentOne FlexGrid control. As a drop-in replacement, the extension does everything that the built-in Data Grid does, plus conditional formatting, cell merging, tree views, export to Excel (even from the Web), filtering, printing, grouping and more.

Using a Custom CellFactory in MVVM Scenarios

The scenario is simple: a user wants to customize the way the FlexGrid displays information based on its state. For instance, when a row is collapsed it should display as one style, and when it’s expanded it should display as another style. How can you achieve this type of logic in the XAML world while still obeying the laws of MVVM? The answer is very simple: use a Cell Factory.