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An In-Depth look at FlexChart Line Markers in Xuni Android

Interactive line markers are an important aspect of the Xuni 2015v3 release, and we've previously covered using them in both iOS and Xamarin. They are an easy way to convey similar information to the contents of a tooltip, but often require less space and less precise interactions which can be very helpful in a mobile environment. Here, we'll examine using line markers on the Android platform including the steps necessary for setup and some configuration possibilities.

Adding Interactive Line Markers to FlexChart for Xamarin.Forms

In this post I will introduce the line marker feature specifically for Xamarin.Forms users. The line marker feature helps the user discover precise data values for a given position on the chart by dragging horizontal and/or vertical lines over the plot with an attached label.

An In-Depth look at FlexChart Line Markers in Xuni for iOS

The 2015 v3 release of Xuni brings several major new features to the product, and one of the biggest is interactive line markers for FlexChart. Line markers are a very useful way of conveying a large amount of information to a user in situations where screen real estate is limited, which is often the case in mobile apps. Line markers don’t require the same tapping precision needed to display tooltips, nor do they use up as much screen space as static data labels. Thus they are often the perfect mechanism for allowing a user to interact with a chart, and obtain precise information about multiple series. By simply dragging over the chart a user can quickly determine they information that they need.

Xuni 2015 v3 Release - See What's New

This release we've made several improvements for mobile scenarios including adaptive column layouts in FlexGrid and touch-enabled line markers for FlexChart. Other new features include cell freezing and column resizing in FlexGrid and on-demand loading in CollectionView.