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Enhance your apps with the new Xuni iOS CheckBox

One of the unfortunate realities in iOS development is that Apple doesn't provide you with a CheckBox control. Though this control is common to other platforms, Apple has directed users to either use a UISwitch or modify a UIButton to get similar behavior. Since there isn't an out-of-the-box solution for iOS, we've included a new Xuni CheckBox control with the 2016v1 release.

Xuni 2016 v1 Release – See What’s New

The first Xuni release of 2016 is finally here! We've packed a lot into this release including a new calendar control that fills a major gap in the standard toolkits, as well as several major enhancements for FlexGrid and FlexChart. Each feature we've added delivers new functionality and helps improve the mobile experience in some way. And as always, everything new in this release is supported in all the Xuni platforms: iOS, Android, Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin.Android, and Xamarin.iOS.

Embedding Checked ComboBox in TrueDBGrid Cell

While creating TrueDBGrid it was decided that the control would be light weight, efficient and feature packed. However, it was worthwhile to note that light and feature packed are usually contrary to each other. This was the initial difficulty that we faced, deciding feature over efficiency. Our developers later decided that we won't let this dilemma ruin the development of TrueDBGrid. They replaced a feature heavy control with a flexible and versatile control. This vision was something which made TrueDBGrid a very special control for us.

Wijmo Grid TriState CheckBox Selection

Wijgrid provides the feature to select rows by clicking on them and not just one row; you may select multiple rows by dragging the mouse over the rows or by Ctrl+click combination.

C1FlexGrid: Toggle Multiple CheckBox Cells in Sorted Boolean Column

Ideally if you select multiple CheckBox cells and toggle the value of any of the checkbox from that range, checked state for the other selected checkboxes are also toggled to the similar state. This works perfectly for a non sorted column. However, if the CheckBox column is sorted and you perform the similar operation, you will observe that unwanted Checkboxes are toggled. This happens as the rows are repositioned as per the sorting order once the Checkbox state is changed.

Modify CheckBox Column Appearance in C1DataGrid

In C1Datagrid for Silverlight, if you include a DataGridCheckBoxColumn, you would notice that CheckBoxes inside the Column cells are grayed out in non-editable state. They appear as if the cells have been disabled.

Checkbox Selection in Wijmo Grid

To implement row selection via checkbox in Wijmo Gridview server control, you can add a checkbox control in Template column and then handle the RowCreated event. But, in WijGrid widget, there is a different way for achieving the same requirement.

Resize Custom Editors in C1TrueDbgrid using C1SizerLight

ComponentOne TrueDbGrid provides support for setting dropdown editors for columns. You can set an MS-Combo, Checkboxes or C1TrueDbDropDown as column editors. These have been provided for the ease of data presentation/manipulation to the end-user for a long time.

Adding Checkbox to Boolean Column Header in SL FlexGrid

There are users who may require checkbox in a boolean Column's header of SL Flexgrid. This checkbox should have the basic implementations involved: