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Apply Conditional Formatting to a DataGrid with ValidationStyleDecorator

Providing users with visual cues about data validation is an important part of any interface design. The ValidationStyleDecorator in DataGrid allows you to highlight, color, add alerts, and otherwise perform both validation and conditional formatting simultaneously.

Dynamic Conditional Formatting in C1FlexGrid WPF

C1FlexGrid is a very flexible tool in terms of data representation. It provides a fantastic utility called CellFactory which can take data representation to a whole new level. This class lets you customize the grid at the cell level and hence can be very expedient in accomplishing certain scenarios. You may go through the documentation of the CellFactory class to know more about it.

Conditional Formatting with Spread WPF-Silverlight

Conditional Formatting in Spread is already supported in the Windows and Web versions. With Spread WPF-Silverlight, this feature has been enhanced to match the level of Excel 2013. You can now set icons, bars, background, foreground, color gradient, etc. within a cell for certain conditions which is really cool for data visualization. Spread WorkSheet's ConditionalFormats property allows you to set a conditional formatting rule for a particular CellRange. The example below sets an Icon Rule for a cell range:

Conditional Formatting in Flexgrid for LightSwitch

ComponentOne FlexGrid for LightSwitch is a LightSwitch control extension that uses the same command bar elements as the built-in Data Grid; however, it replaces the underlying Silverlight grid control with the popular ComponentOne FlexGrid control. As a drop-in replacement, the extension does everything that the built-in Data Grid does, plus conditional formatting, cell merging, tree views, export to Excel (even from the Web), filtering, printing, grouping and more.