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Context Menu in ComponentOne GridView

C1GridView lets you display items from a data source in an interactive, fully customizable table. And a common scenario is to display a ContextMenu and provide some functionality such as exporting to various formats etc.

Add Context Menu for SpreadJS

Do you want to add a context menu in SpreadJS? It is very simple. No mouse down event, no left or right mouse button checking, just popup the menu in contextmenu event of the SpreadJS place-holder element.

New Features in C1Scheduler 2013

Scheduler for WinForms provides built-in visual styles, data views, and appointment labels through which you can build intuitive, polished-looking scheduling applications with ease.

Selecting Interval with ContextMenu in Silverlight Scheduler

This is a simple blog on how you can show a custom ContextMenu in C1Scheduler and also select the interval that gets right clicked.

C1Menu as C1TreeView's ContextMenu

Few of our customers have asked how to use C1Menu as ContextMenu with other Wijmo controls.