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Custom Editors in FlexGrid

Let's assume that you are displaying data for all the orders delivered in a month. It means you have an OrderDate column of Date type and also, an Amount column which contains the order amount. Now, if you display this data in FlexGrid or or for that matter, in any grid then the end user will have to type the date/amount manually since the default editor is a input tag of type 'text'. As a result, you have to check for format and apply required validations on the entered date/amount values.​

Custom DataTree Editor in C1FlexGrid

One of our customers had an interesting requirement of using a Custom DropDown Editor in a C1FlexGrid column wherein the DropDown is a C1DropDownControl. One thing that makes this Editor different from the normally used editors for C1FlexGrid column(s) is that, here the DropDownForm used for the C1DropDownControl contains a C1FlexGrid Tree bound to C1DataSource (Entity Framework DataSource).

At times, it is visually appealing to show images instead of just indexes or texts in a grid's column and the grid's dropdown. For instance, consider a grid wherein we want to show some variety of shapes along with its name. Adding the images depicting the shapes next to its name column will add the visual appeal to the grid for the end users.

Resize Custom Editors in C1TrueDbgrid using C1SizerLight

ComponentOne TrueDbGrid provides support for setting dropdown editors for columns. You can set an MS-Combo, Checkboxes or C1TrueDbDropDown as column editors. These have been provided for the ease of data presentation/manipulation to the end-user for a long time.