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Custom Filtering in Wijmo Grid

WijGrid provides built-in filtering features that does not require you to write a lot of code. You just need to set the showFilter option to true and the condition filters will be displayed for each column based on its datatype.

Tips & Tricks in C1PrintDocument

C1PrintDocument component allows you to create complex documents that can be printed, previewed or exported to a number of external formats. In this blog, I would like to discuss a couple of frequently asked questions for C1PrintDocument, that is :

How To: Display Absolute Path in OpenFileDialog Box in C1FilePicker

In a recent query from one of the users of C1FilePicker for WPF, I provided an implementation where customer was looking to display the complete path of the selected file in C1FilePicker. By default when OpenFileDialog box opens it shows only the name of the selected file.

How To: Hide a Specific Field on Printing C1Report

An important thing about a reporting tool is that it should be highly customizable so as to give the developers flexibility to design the reports in the way they want them to be. C1Report not just allows to create the reports easily in a few steps; the customizations and features it offers have also included it in the list of user friendly reporting tools.

Export WPF Chart to PDF in Console Application

We often receive queries from customers who are looking to use the WPF C1Chart control in a Console Application. They want to know how a Chart object can be implemented, customized and finally a PDF file can be generated with the Chart Image.

Customize Long Values in C1TrueDBGrid

C1TrueDBGrid for Winforms can be bound to a database that has different types of values including text, numbers or a combination of both. Sometimes these values are longer than the width of the data column, hence the cell text in this column is simply cut off. It only displays the text that fits the cell width. For example the value 12345.678910 might be displayed as 1234.67 or a bit longer depending on the column width. You would need to enlarge the column width to view the complete text.

Localizing C1ReportViewer- New in 2012 V3

C1ReportViewer is an advanced control which provides a great user interface for viewing , printing and exporting reports to various formats and much more. This feature makes it a widely used control. However, this also  brought up the need to localize the control's user interface for different languages and cultures. Keeping in mind the diverse customer base, a new propertyLocalization has been introduced  in the C1ReportViewer control with the build 4.0/3.5.20122.77 .

Customizations in Wijmo Chart

Wijmo Chart provides a large range of options for customizing its appearance according to user requirements. In this blog, I have provided the code snippets for few common requirements as mentioned below.

Cell Text with Strikethrough in C1Flexgrid for Silverlight

With the Silverlight versions evolving day by day, expectations of application designers to enhance the UI is increasing. It won't be wrong to say that Silverlight has been successful to keep pace with their expectations.

Modifying Appointment Dialog in C1Schedule for Winforms

As of now, when we talk about customization of Appointment Edit Dialog box in C1Schedule for Winforms, we think of creating a new editing form from scratch. But is there any way we can customize the existing Appointment editing box? For example, I want to add a new button besides the Delete button in the Appointment edit box or I don't want the reminder checkbox to be checked by default.

Customizing FilterEditorDropDown in C1FlexGrid for WinForms

C1FlexGrid has been a very popular grid control due to its flexibility for customization. We can modify the appearances, styles and lots of other UI features in C1FlexGrid. However, there are certain things that are still not accessible for modifications. One we are going to talk about is the FilterEditorDropDown.