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ManCAP : Managing Contacts, Appointments and Projects using WinForms Controls

In a business organization, managing day to day tasks is tedious when it comes to handling a large number of operations. Thanks to the powerful and flexible controls of WinForms Edition of ComponentOne Studio that makes it possible to design applications of your daily needs without huge efforts. Using the popular FlexGrid, Charts, Scheduler and Input controls, we have tried to cater one such need.

Getting Started with C1Studio Web API

Let's walk through an example of creating a Web API that uses the ComponentOne Studio Web APIs and how to consume this Web API to export Excel sheets from FlexGrid in a client application.

Add a RangeSelector to FlexChart for Cloud Business Apps

Add a RangeSelector and browse the chart types in the FlexChart for LightSwitch Cloud Business Apps control.

Data Binding in GanttView for WinForms

ComponentOne Studio GanttView for WinForms delivers a Microsoft Project-like user experience for project management. The control provides both a tabular data grid and a graphical chart to help schedule, coordinate and track specific tasks in a project.

Radar, Polar, Histogram, and Step Charts Available in Reports for WinForms

Check out our new set of chart types in ComponentOne Studio Reports for WinForms—four new ways to graph, chart, and visualize your way to meaningful reports. Includes Step chart, Histogram, Polar chart, and Radar chart.

GanttView : Adding Ease to Project Management

ComponentOne GanttView for WinForms is a complete project management tool that delivers an MS Project-like user experience with its support for the .NET platform. It is a data-visualization and editing control for project planning data and different types of task and time scheduling.

BubbleSmash: Gaming the Chart for WinForms Control

C1Chart provides plenty of intriguing features which help in developing a base for an awesome application. Charts are always considered as a component to display the data in a graphical view but that’s not where it ends. There is much more to work beyond displaying data in Charts.

Why Animation Matters in Mobile Apps

Why does animation matter in a mobile device? Because I expect my phone to behave like objects in the real world.

Good Data Visualization in HTML5

I have recently been cited for not knowing what Data Visualization means. While I can not confirm nor deny, I am passionate about the subject.