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Conditional DataTemplates in C1DataGrid

ComponentOne’s DataGrid for WPF gives us the ability to create different types of Columns. But what if we wish to add different types of cells in a single column. We can surely achieve this functionality in C1DataGrid with the help of DataTriggers in a DataGridTemplateColumn. The different cell contents are created based on the data which is bound to it, we just need to check the data or its type and add a DataTemplate accordingly.

Expand/Collapse All Nodes in C1TreeView for Silverlight

The C1TreeView for Silverlight component is a tool for displaying data in a hierarchical/tree format for a better visual experience. In this article I'm going to talk about expanding or collapsing all nodes at once rather than having to expand or collapse each node individually.

Loading Runtime Templates for LightSwitch Control

LightSwitch extensions from ComponentOne are almost customizable at design time. However, at times developers require some of the customizations to be done at runtime.