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RussCam - Lessons learned at Microsoft TechEd Speaker Idol 2013

In this very special edition of RussCam, we consolidate 4 days worth of presentations from several “Speaker Idol” contestants and most importantly constructive criticism from an esteemed panel of judges. We have a jam packed 15 minute video with over 40  incredible tips like these listed below and more… Listen and Learn! This is a deep dive into presentation skills and is prefect for viewing by anyone who teaches or presents! Enjoy this very education video. We also chat with the winner of the contest and wrap up with some tips of my own. Special thanks to Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell for running this event!

ComponentOne Russ Cam™ - Episode 89: Speaker Idol 2012

Russ Cam brings you coverage of Speaker Idol 2012 at TechEd! Talk about an instant classic! If you are a presenter, teacher, user group leader, developer evangelist or have an interest in public speaking, this 10 minute video is packed full of presentation educational information and is a must see! See clips from some of the speakers plus feedback from the panel of judges. An outstanding judging crew provides valuable insight in to speaking tips and tricks with some incredible speakers. I have presented for years and these judges were dead on in their assessments .See Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell host this event. Hats off to David Giard for winning the competition as he will go on to be a speaker at TechEd 2013!

ComponentOne Kicks off MVP 2013 Summit: Recap

C1 sponsored both kick off parties at the MVP Summit last week on Feb 17. The “First Time MVP” party was hosted by INETA president and MVP, Joseph Guadagno. It was held at the Rock Bottom Brewery in Bellevue, WA with a great turn out. Joseph also took this opportunity to present me with the INETA Lifetime achievement Award. I was joined by three former INETA Lifetime Achievement award winners as well including Dave Noderer, David McCarter and Kevin Hazzard. They said to me “Welcome to the club!” …. and what a club it is, now with a total of 9 recipients. I interviewed both David McCarter and Kevin Hazzard on what the award meant to them.  So, stay tuned for those on an upcoming episode of RussCam. “It was unlike any other award”, says David.  I also interviewed David Noderer last week ,when we were at the South Florida code camp as well. I gave some advice to the First Time MVP’s… I said, “Winning the award was a lot of hard work, but I had fun doing it and that was how it all worked”. In other words, it‘s all about a work-life balance. Also, I said to them to enjoy the week, there is not any other conference like the MVP Summit. The PM’s are all on top of their game as the attendees are the cream of the crop and they know it. Several folks came over to the ComponentOne booth and inquired about our products. All MVPS get our controls for free. If you are an MVP, send an email request to get your ComponentOne tools. Thanks go out to MVP Kevin Wolf for taking my photos, as I received the award as well as everyone else who helped make this a very special night!