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ComponentOne platinum sponsor at South Florida Code Camp 2013: Recap

It was version 9 of this code camp and is still my favorite. South Florida code camp is the largest Microsoft centric code camp in the world, with over 1110 registered and over 800 in attendance. It attracts the best presenters from all over (who wouldn’t want to go to Ft. Lauderdale in February?), yet provides opportunities for first time presenters, as do all of the Florida code camps. I can’t tell you how many MVP’s who got their start at these events. Take note other code camp and developer event organizers, rocks stars are great for getting registration numbers up, but new blood is always needed to make our developer community grow, and this is a great venue for this, it’s all volunteer! It was non stop action from the speaker dinner on Friday thru the closing ceremonies and attendee party to wrap things up on Saturday. The speaker dinner and post event celebration were tops for networking, and any code camp run now a days should have all of these. After all, this is an all volunteer event and the speakers really appreciate the peer networking opportunities as do the attendees.

SD Times 100 : Do you have a compelling story to tell about ComponentOne?

Here is an opportunity to show some love of that developer love toward ComponentOne! We have many loyal and happy customers in the software developer community. So, if you are one of those, and you have a compelling story on service, product support , documentations, forums, product use or a testimonial, we encourage you to fill out the survey by March 30, 2013.