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What's New in ActiveReports 11 Service Pack 2?

Usually, we save major new features for major version releases, and just fix issues and tweak things in service packs. But this time, we added a lot of features and enhancements to both ActiveReports Developer and ActiveReports Server. Plus we added a major feature to ActiveReports Server: a sleek new Web Designer. It is easy enough for newbies to use, but with all of the advanced features and RDL reports that developers and experienced report authors want. Read on to see what else we've included.

What's new in ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin 2017v2

We're pleased to announced that ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin will be leaving beta with the 2017 v2 release. This release adds numerous bug-fixes, new controls, and new features.

What's New in ComponentOne Ultimate: July 2017

It's July, and that means it's time for the second major release of ComponentOne Ultimate. Check out the highlights in the GrapeCity video below.

Happy 15th Birthday, .NET!

It's .NET's 15th birthday! Given that ComponentOne Studio has had an inextricable relationship with .NET from the start, we asked some of our experienced developers about their impressions of the new kid on the block.

Silicon Valley Code Camp – 2016 .NET, JavaScript, Azure and more!

I attended the 11th anniversary of the Silicon Valley Code Camp this year on October 1st and 2nd in San Jose California. When I speak around the country and get into a discussion about community driven conferences like Code Camp’s, I encourage whomever I am talking to that they should attend this Code Camp just once, since it’s the largest in America (maybe the world) and is my favorite one.

Upgrade Old COM Reports to Version 11

If you use the COM version of ActiveReports and would like to migrate to the .NET platform and use ActiveReports 11, you are in the right place. You can pull all of your layouts in, leaving only the code to update manually. The process is, basically, save, load, update code.

Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 4.6 have arrived, now available to download

Today is the day that Microsoft is releasing Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 4.6 to the world. The software is officially exiting the 'preview' stage and is now ready for use in production environments. Visual Studio is used by millions of developers around the world to create the applications that you open every day. With this latest release, the company is targeting everything from cross platform development for iOS, Android and Windows to game development with Unity, Unreal and Cocos.

Mono and an Open Source .NET

The upcoming release of Xuni leverages exciting technologies that allow for robust cross-platform application development. Xamarin facilitates much of this process with its own proprietary platform and development environment, but much of what makes it possible is their fully functional implementation of the .NET runtime, which is called Mono.

Adding C1Themes to an existing WinForms application

In this post I will show how to add C1Themes support to an existing WinForms application. The application I will be using is the C1dView sample shipped with C1Reports. It is a C1Report/C1PrintDocument viewer application with a C1Ribbon-based UI. As shipped, it does not include themes. The few simple steps described below add the ability for the end user to select and apply one of the predefined themes included in the C1Themes product, to the C1dView app. (Note: to follow those steps, you must have C1Reports, C1Command, C1Ribbon and C1Themes products - all part of the ComponentOne Studio for WinForms - installed on your system; I will be using C# but the same can easily be done in VB.)

Spread Studio for .NET 7 v3 Released!

I am very happy to announce the release of Spread Studio for .NET 7 v3! This is the first release of 2014 and features new operating systems support, including Microsoft Windows® 8.1 and Microsoft Windows® Server 2012 R2, for all products, including Spread for WinForms, Spread for ASP.NET, Spread WPF-Silverlight, and Spread WinRT. We've also added design-time support for these products in Visual Studio 2013 and, in this release, Spread for ASP.NET now features support for Internet Explorer 11. Get it today, right here:

How Datagrids Have Evolved with .NET Development Platforms

In this article, we will look at datagrids and understand how they have kept pace as development platforms and technologies have evolved over the years.

5 Factors To Consider when Choosing .NET Datagrids

This article discusses the most important factors to consider when evaluating .NET datagrids.

.NET Datagrids: From Microsoft to 3rd Party Controls

Starting from its humble origins, the .NET datagrid has transformed into a versatile but complex software component today because of related technological changes and changing business requirements.

Checklist for Evaluating .NET Reporting Components

In the previous article, we discussed two new industry trends impacting .NET reporting tools and components.

.NET reporting tools and components allow developers using Microsoft's .NET platform and Visual Studio™ to embed out-of-the-box data reporting and business intelligence capabilities into web and desktop applications.