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How to Edit a Lookup Field using a ComboBox Control

The common task for almost any business application is to show user-friendly text instead of underlying data. If you need such lookup behavior, you usually should write code for handling substitutions or data relations. The C1ComboBox control has some advanced features to support this scenario with less coding.

ComponentOne Studio: What's New in V2 2016

It's July, and that means our second major release of 2016 has been released into the wild. You'll find some fantastic new controls and a lot of great enhancements.

Adding Animations in Ratings for WPF

Add animations to your Ratings control in ComponentOne Studio WPF Edition.

Customizing the Appearance Using ColorPicker and FontPicker

Enhancing the functionality and appearance of the standard controls, our Input and Editing controls in the WinForms Edition of ComponentOne Studio consists of twelve controls that support visual styles (including Office 2010), data binding, masked editing and localization.