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Webinar: Free Guided Tour of the New Web Designer

On August 23rd, our ActiveReports Server Product Manager, Bhupesh Malhotra, will present a free webinar introducing the new web designer we've added to the ActiveReports Server Report Designer Add-On.

Customizing Report Designer: Making it Easy to Create Parameterized Reports

While working with Report Designer in Reports for WinForms, the first thought that may come in your mind is "How great would it be if my application had this or that functionality?" And why shouldn't your app have it? After all, you can almost do everything from creating reports to print, preview, import and export them using a single application. Reports for WinForms is a complete package for creating simple to complex reports of almost every need.

HowTo: Add Comment & Uncomment Button to ActiveReports Designer

The End User Designer is a great tool which allows the End Users to create their own reports. However since it is a standalone designer, a majority of code to create a report has to be written using scripts. Generally when we write any program in Visual Studio, we make use of the comment/uncomment button present in the toolbar to disable/enable any particular part of the code. We simply need to select the range of code we want to disable and click the comment button or vice-versa.

How To: Control Context Menu for Report Explorer in End User Designer

The End User Designer control is a very popular component which is available with the Professional edition of ActiveReports 7. This control not only allows the end users to view the reports but also provide them the option to make any modifications to the report layout. The Report Explorer present in the End User Designer gives you a visual overview of the report elements in the form of a tree view where each node represents a report element.

ActiveReports7: End User Designer for the Web

ActiveReport’s End User Designer (EUD) has always being the star attraction for both developers and end users. The idea of giving the real end users the power to Create or Edit reports and Write Script code, seems to be what has captured the imagination of many customers. They always wanted to take this functionality a step further and use it on the Web as well. Unfortunately, this is where a line needs to be drawn since the EUD is a Windows Form control and therefore cannot be used on the Web.

ActiveReports 7: Customized DataSource DialogBox for End User Designer

Just like its earlier versions, one of the coolest features of ActiveReports 7 is the End User Designer which is shipped with its professional edition. It can be embedded into your application and allow the end users to edit reports at their end.  It incorporates all the functionality offered by the Visual Studio designer of ActiveReports, and provides excellent customization options.