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Server Shared Resources in v11

Sometimes when you improve things, something breaks. One such thing occurred with the new release of ActiveReports Server, so I'm sharing the fix here.

PDF File Cannot Be Found

We often get questions about the following error when trying to download a generated PDF on the web:

Inheriting Wijmo Controls

Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo provides a complete development toolkit for creating and styling perfect web applications. It contains more than 40 controls which can cater all the needs of a project. Each control contains many inbuilt properties, events etc. and also, allows you to customize it. You may also inherit Wijmo controls in order to add more properties or override any behavior.

TroubleShooting "Could not load file or assembly" error on Upgrading LightSwitch Projects

Sometimes after upgrading your LightSwitch projects containing ComponentOne controls you may get a "Could not load file or assembly" error :

TroubleShoot "NoItemMatched" Error in VisualStudio 2013RC

When you are using ComponentOne controls for LightSwitch Desktop in Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate RC, then you may face the following error on running the application:

TroubleShooting ActiveReports Errors in MVC

When working with ActiveReport in a MVC application, you may occasionally receive either of the errors.

Troubleshooting Error 1720 &1722 in Studio for Winforms Installation

At times, users get Error 1720/1722 during installation, or un-installation, of Studio For Winforms. The error is, more or less, the same; however, the causes may vary.