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Implementing Master and Detail grids in Wijmo

We recently pushed an update to our WijMarket sample, implementing an example of implementing Master and Detail grids in Wijmo.  You can check out the sample here. Also, I recommend doing a View Source on the page to see what’s going on overall.  This demo comes apart of the Studio for MVC Wijmo download.

Building Easy jQuery Grids with Wijmo

Grids are one of the most commonly sought after plugins for web sites.  There are a huge variety of them out there, and they all work a little bit differently.  Grids and visualizations have been something ComponentOne has been doing for a long time, and we pride ourselves in our ability to give you easy solutions that will impress.

Speaker Bureau Profile: Craig Berntson

About the ComponentOne Speaker Bureau

Speaking at the Kansas City Developer Conference This Weekend!

If you’re in the Kansas City area this weekend, come out to see me and a lot of other geeks talk about geeky stuff! I’ll be doing a talk on MVVM Basics. Be sure to bump into me in the common areas and talk to me about Wijmo or any of our other controls!

Wijmo Quick Demo: Adding Tooltips to your Charts

In this Quick Demo, I'll take you on a tour of how easy it is to enable Tooltips for your Charts.

Raising Cane with Hub City .NET UG

Last week I had the priviledge to speak to the Hub City .NET User Group.  The group's spiritual leader Keth Elder was in Detroit on business, and according to local legend this means everything runs smoothly and everyone gets to bed at a decent hour.  Under the skilled leadership of Anson "The Pirate" Smith, that was indeed the case.

Wijmo How To: Build Line Charts with Wijmo

Last week we walked building a BarChart with Wijmo, either by using a <table> template or through pure JavaScript. Before you read this post, I really recommend you go check both those posts out.  Go ahead, I’ll wait here.

Wijmo How To: Create a BarChart with JavaScript

The other day I blogged about how easy it was to turn a <table> into a BarChart using Wijmo.  Today, I want to show you how to do the same thing with pure JavaScript calls.

Thank you BugDotNet for The Night of Three Full Moons

Hello Magic City!  I had a great time at last night’s BugDotNet meeting, or as I’ll now refer to it, “The Night of Three Full Moons”:

Wijmo How To: Create a BarChart from a Table

Wijmo Complete comes with a set of charting and visualization widgets you can use to build great user experiences. In this article, we’ll take a look at building a basic bar chart using Wijmo.

I'm Kevin Griffin, and I'm a Technical Evangelist

First, many apologizes to the Rich Dudley for totally ripping off copying his trademarked first blog post title.

Rocking ASP.NET WebForms with jQuery

It's very possible to use jQuery to enhance the look and feel of ASP.NET WebForms and ASP.NET Dynamic Data.