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Export Translated Text for DataGridTemplateColumn

This article on C1DataGrid for Silverlight is a utility blog to cater to the requirement of the developers who would like to show Translated text for cell values in DataGridTemplateColumn and along with that, export these translated Text to an excel sheet.

SpreadJS Alpha has landed

The Alpha release of SpreadJS is coming!

WijGrid HowTo : Paste ClipBoard Data Using Ctrl + V

One of our customers asked us how to paste copied records from Excel in Wijmo Grid using Ctrl + v key. In this blog, we'll discuss a very simple approach to do the same.

Styling Cell Characters and Spill Text Editing in C1Flexgrid

C1Flexgrid for WinForms is hugely popular for being a flexible control and provides us with almost total control over rendering of its elements. In this blog article, I am going to discuss following customizations in C1Flexgrid :

Excel Like Filtering in Silverlight FlexGrid

You can easily filter columns in C1FlexGrid for Silverlight by using the C1FlexGridFilterService. This blog explains how you can implement Excel-like filtering in C1FlexGrid i.e show only those values in the Filter which are currently visible.

Exporting Wijmo GridView to Excel

Wijmo GridView does not provide a method to export excel file. This blog explains a simple approach to save Wijmo GridView in a excel file. You can use the same approach for C1WebUI GridView as well.

Import Images in C1FlexGrid from Excel Sheet/Workbook

ClFlexgrid can show images in a column, Bound or UnBound. We can also export the same grid to an excel file, with the images intact.

Drag Excel Files on C1FlexGrid

When loading Excel files in Windows applications, the most commonly used option is to use Streams to read/write the files. Another easier method would be dragging the excel file directly from the explorer onto the grid.