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Video: A Guide to FlexReport Designer Features

While designing reports, what users look for, is how easy it is to use the Designer and implement the reporting features. They do not want to use complex mechanisms for using simple features. FlexReport Designer, makes report designing more flexible and efficient than before. Here is a simple walkthrough of the new features offered by FlexReport Designer.

Improving perfection, Filtering in FlexGrid!

Ease of use, it's quite often that we come across this phrase in today's times. What is ease of use actually? I think it is doing the things in a manner we are most used to.

HowTo: Filter via code in Wijmo Grid for LightSwitch HTML

Generally, ComponentOne Studio for LightSwitch HTML is used to automate the generation of JavaScript code for custom controls and integrate them seamlessly with the LightSwitch design-time environment to provide both ready-made screens and control-level extensibility. But, sometimes, you need to perform operations like filtering, sorting in code.

Major update of Studio for WinRT XAML

ComponentOne has released a major update of Studio for WinRT XAML and it is loaded with new enhancements! Highlights of this update include:

Adding Chart in C1FlexGrid

C1FlexGrid for Winforms is a powerful, full-featured grid. It is modeled after Microsoft Excel, starting with familiar and powerful keyboard handling, editing, selection, clipboard support, as well as flexible appearance and optimized performance.

Retain Selection on Sorting, Grouping and Filtering in C1DataGrid

We're often in a situation where we've selected a row and then as soon as we apply sorting or filtering on the grid, a row with different data gets selected. This is because selection works on the basis of row index in most of the Grid controls and it applies for C1DataGrid for Silverlight as well. So if we select the first row and apply sorting, grouping or filtering, we will observe that the first row remains selected. Now, suppose if we fetch the data of the selected row, we would get different data. This behavior will occur every time we apply any data operation on the grid. What do we do then!!

GrapeCity ActiveAnalysis: How to Get User Selected Filter Values

GrapeCity Active Analysis (GCAA) has been in the business of providing ad-hoc analysis solution to end-users and developers alike. Like any other analysis tool it provides various analysis mechanisms to analyze data; and one of the important analysis mechanisms that it provides happens to be Filtering.

Operational Dashboard in C1FlexGrid for Winforms

This blog deals with yet another utility implementation of C1FlexGrid for Winforms. Two most important features offered by this grid are Filtering and Sorting. On applying any of these functionality on the grid, the visual changes are easily noticeable. However, there is a certain set of information that cannot be determined by simply looking at the resultant grid. You need to explicitly display the information, after writing some code to retrieve those values.

Runtime Data Operations in Wijmo GridView

C1GridView has in-built features such as sorting, filtering, paging and grouping. These are extremely helpful for developers as it saves a lot time for them without having to implement it through code.

Retain selection on Sorting or Filtering Wijmo GridView

Many customers face a situation where they want to retain the row selected by the end user after Sorting/Filtering is applied. Normally, when we apply sorting or filtering after selecting any row then selection is lost after the postback . This blog discuss the approach we need to use for having the selected row even after sorting or filtering.