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Xuni Animations Explored

Animation is important in mobile because we want our apps to feel alive. When you interact with your phone what you’ll notice is that there is movement in response to your actions. The response you get is not always necessary to the functionality of the app. Sure, there’s scrolling but maybe the content also bounces or stretches as you reach the edge of a page. Maybe the part beneath your finger lights up or tilts to one side as if you are putting weight on it. If there were no movement how would it feel? It would feel frozen or dead. All of these non-imperative movements we’ll lump together into animation, and we know why animation is important.

Test out Xuni with the Xuni Explorer App

If you have a mobile device in your pocket or on your desk, then you can now test out Xuni with the Xuni Explorer app. Now available in the App Store, Google Play and the Windows Store, the Xuni Explorer app showcases the controls so app developers can test them out on their device of choice.