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Creating a Visual Studio Code Extension Using Wijmo

GrapeCity has recently released Excel Viewer, a Visual Studio Code extension that uses the FlexGrid and FlexSheet controls from Wijmo 5 to preview CSV files and Excel spreadsheets. Developed by Microsoft, VS Code is a free, open source code editor that runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. It includes built-in support for JavaScript, TypeScript, and Node.js, with features such as IntelliSense, parameter hints, and smart code navigation. For version control, VS Code integrates seamlessly with any Git repository. In addition to all of its out-of-the-box features, VS Code provides a rich extensibility model that lets you add custom functionality, as well as a vibrant marketplace where you can easily browse and install extensions that have been contributed by other developers.

Quick Tip to Improve Performance: Use FlexSheet's deferUpdate Method

Many operations in FlexSheet—such as adding a new sheet, setting cell data, etc.—will refresh the FlexSheet. Multiple operations lead to multiple refreshes, which will eventually lead to a slower performance. FlexSheet's deferUpdate method ensures that FlexSheet will not refresh until all its included operations have been applied. As the FlexSheet will be refreshed only once, the performance of the FlexSheet will be improved.

FlexSheet: Create custom functions for your JavaScript spreadsheet control

The FlexSheet control has a built-in calculation engine that supports over 80 of the functions supported by Excel. (See complete list.) Although the functions provided should cover the vast majority of use scenarios, in some cases users may need additional functions. FlexSheet provides two methods that allow developers to add their own custom functions: addCustomFunction and unknownFunction.

Wijmo Build 5.20153.117 Available

We have just released Build 117 and it includes some nice new features, some new samples and of course bug fixes.

ComponentOne Studio 2016 Roadmap

A high-level roadmap for ComponentOne Studio in 2016. By the end of 2016, core controls will be available in ASP.NET MVC, WinForms and WPF; UWP will have them all by the end of 2017.

FlexSheet for WPF: Work With Multiple Spreadsheets

FlexSheet for WPF, an Excel-like control, handles all your top spreadsheet needs, including importing, exporting, formulas, and context menus.

What's New in ComponentOne Studio, 2015 v2

We're thrilled to announce the ship of our second major release of 2015! Below you'll find all the top features and enhancements, controls, and editions we're releasing.

Welcome to FlexSheet: An Introduction to Excel's Top Features in a Sample

It’s been less than a year since we took Wijmo5 out of beta and released it to the world. Wijmo5, a new generation of JavaScript controls, focuses on lightweight and flexible controls for developers targeting the latest web browsers. Thanks to customer feedback, our library has matured in recent months, and in this blog, I'll be talking about FlexSheet.

A Quick Look at FlexSheet for WPF

FlexSheet brings spreadsheet functionality like Microsoft Excel to WPF applications. It is inherited from FlexGrid, so in addition to the full functionality of the FlexGrid control, FlexSheet provides more features built-in such as worksheet management, a powerful formula engine, support style format, etc. Here, I will introduce the main features of FlexSheet for WPF.

What's New in XAML 2015 v1

The 2015 v1 release is here. In addition to a new face to our website, we've put together a large assortment of enhancements to the ComponentOne XAML Studios. Download ComponentOne Studio and select the XAML editions you want. Read below to find out what's new in each XAML editions.