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Handling Function Keys in Spread

When F2 and F3 keys are being captured by the SpreadView for processing, they do not get sent to the KeyEvents for the Spread. This happens because Keystrokes processed by the Spread control are divided into one of two groups.

Recently a customer enquired about an implementation in Spread for Winforms control wherein he wanted to set custom formula for Column Footer Aggregation.

HowTo: Custom Sparkline in Spread for WinForms

Spread for Winforms provides a feature of creating sparklines wherein we can create a small graph in a cell that uses data from a range of cells. The data for the sparkline is limited to one column or row of values within the same SpreadSheet. We can set the SparklineType to column, line, or winloss etc.

Printing Spread To PDF With Background Image

Spread for .Net control support printing SpreadSheet to a Portable Document Format i.e. PDF file using the PrintToPdf method in the PrintInfo class.

Scrollable BackgroundImage in Spread for .Net

Recently, one of our customers came up with a very interesting requirement in Spread for .Net control : that of a Scrollable BackgroundImage as in MS Excel.

Resizing Spread Column & Rows with Form Resizing

We often receive requests from our users to resize the FpSpread columns and rows proportionately with the change in Form size. As FpSpread does not have any direct method to achieve the same, this utility blog explains the approach to resize the Columns and Rows as FpSpread is resized along with the form.