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Nested Groups and GroupHeader RepeatStyle

After the article explaining why the Wrong Record Shows in the Page Header, we realized that another behavior may seem counterintuitive if you don't know the logic behind it.

Conditional Aggregates in WijGrid

WijGrid allows you to display aggregate values at group level as demonstrated in the following demo sample. These aggregate values can be displayed either in the group header or group footer or in both the places by setting the position option in GroupInfo.

How To: Toggle GroupFooter Visibility in C1Report

Grouping is one of the most commonly used feature when it comes to designing a report using C1Reports for Winforms. After designing the basic layout, you may decide that grouping the records by certain fields or some other criteria would make the report easier to read and analyze. Grouping allows you to separate the groups of records visually and display introductory and summary data for each group. It can vary from one report to another as the level of grouping and the implementation would be as per the requirements of the user. For more information on how to do this, you can refer to this documentation link.

Avoid Orphaned ReportFooter with GroupFooter's NewPage property as "After"

Grouping is one of the most commonly used feature when it comes to designing a report. Its implementation can vary from one report to another based on the  requirements of the user. A very common scenario is starting each group from a new page. This helps in encapsulating the groups in one page or a range of pages, thus making it easier for a user to identify each group individually. The good thing here is that the GroupFooter section in ActiveReports provides a NewPage property which if set to "After", automatically starts the report from the next page, once the current group is completely rendered.

New 'PrintAtBottom' Property of C1Report

A new property 'PrintAtBottom' has been added to C1Report and serves to meet the requirement of many of our customers. It is a Boolean property added for each section of the report that allows the printing of 'bottom bound' text (for e.g. Disclaimers or any other Information) on all or selective pages. This feature was introduced in C1Report, build : x.6.20113.54459 and later.