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Getting Started with TreeMap for Studio ASP.NET Wijmo

Treemaps are an unique way of visualizing hierarchical data, they can be used to represent financial data, space usage or to visualize any hierarchical data. The ComponentOne TreeMap control displays hierarchical data as a set of nested rectangles where the area of each rectangle is proportional to its value.  Let's see how to get started with Treemap for ASP.NET Wijmo.

Binding C1TrueDbGrid to Hierarchical Object DataSource

While developing an application using C1TrueDBGrid which is bound to a business object, one may come across a situation when data needs to be displayed in a Hierarchical View. Now, if we need to create a hierarchical-grid-like general user interface in an application, the easiest solution is to assign the grid's DataSource property to the data of interest and let the control take care of the display of data in whichever view we need.

Creating Runtime Hierarchical View in C1TrueDbGrid

Creating Hierarchical View in C1TrueDbGrid at runtime has always been a tough ask for the customers. This blog provides step by step implementation of the same with the help of two C1TrueDbGrids; one being the Master/ Parent grid and other being the Child grid which appears when we expand the record in the Master grid.