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Find and Display Reports

Now that we've set up the Administrator Dashboard, we can shift over to the Report Portal, where our users will access reports.

Custom Row Icons in C1FlexGrid for LightSwitch

With this blog, we will be discussing on how to implement customizations on the Row icons in C1FlexGrid for LightSwitch.

Add Images to Charts in Your Silverlight & WPF Apps

Adding images to charts in a Business application makes it more interesting. Lets discuss how to add images or pictures to convey business information more effortlessly.

Hierarchical Nested Structure with C1FlexGrid

C1Flexgrid for WPF provides lot of features including the option to Group the data. However, it lacks the support for Hierarchical structure. Hierarchical display provides the ability to present the master data to users, such that the related detail data can be viewed in the same grid with a single mouse click. End users can expand and collapse the related row bands using a TreeView-like interface.

Add & Animate Images in ChartLabels for C1Chart

In this blog, we will discuss on how one can show and animate Images on Top of each Bar in C1Chart for WinForms.

Vertical Alignment in WijRadio & WijCheckbox

Wijmo jQuery widgets are often used in public-facing form based web applications to create a smooth and engaging user experience. The WijRadio and WijCheckbox widgets are used to select different kinds of user input. These two can be defined as:

How to: Show Image in Row Header of Selected Rows in C1GridView

Selection is a very common feature used in C1GridView, which allows users to select rows and appliesĀ a highlight color on the selected rows.

Load Images in C1DataGrid for Silverlight using WCF

More often than not, users have a requirement to display images in Silverlight applications. Here, we discuss the same using C1DataGrid for Silverlight.

Display Images Using DataSet Provider in Page Based Reports

The addition of Page Based Reports has not only increased the functionality offered by ActiveReports but has also provided the developers an option to chose from different ways of creating reports. Even though the base of the Page Based Reports is derived from Data Dynamics Reports tool, it is relatively new for the customers who are upgrading from previous versions of ActiveReports.

Display Static Google Maps in ActiveReports 7

At times, it is visually appealing to show a geographical map of a town/state/country in a report. For instance, consider a report showing facts (like area, population, etc) of states of a Country (grouped by the State). Adding the map of the state in the report will increase the visual appeal of the information to the end users.