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Using CheckBox in ComponentOne TreeView Control

ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight includes a very useful control, C1TreeView, which can be used to create a hierarchical structure for data in nodes format.

C1GridView: Binding Dropdown Column

We can create different types of columns in C1GridView. Following documentation link provides detailed information on the available column types for C1GridView.  In these different types of columns, C1TemplateField is very popular as it can be customized to meet various user requirements. We can include controls in the ItemTemplate Property of C1TemplateField and bind it with data that will be shown when the grid loads. We can also include controls in EditItemTemplate Property of C1TemplateField and these controls can be used as an editor for the grid.  See the documentation topic "Adding Controls to a column" for details on how you can create a  C1Templatefield, include them in C1GridView and add controls to this column.

Binding C1TabControl With C1DataGrid

Developers are often in need to link the data between two controls. Any changes done in one control should get updated in the other control. Now this is not something new and is implemented from long by using a common Data Source between the controls. Any changes from either of the controls are propagated to the other associated control.