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Editing Modes in Wijmo Grid

Wijmo jQuery widgets are often used in public-facing financial web applications to create a smooth and engaging user experience. The WijGrid widget is useful in situations where tabular data needs to be displayed, sorted, grouped, edited, etc. In the cases where edit capability is a requirement, there are a number of scenarios by which WijGrid becomes very useful..

Wijgrid : Custom Filtering

This article is specific to the Wijmo wijgrid. You can learn more about Wijmo here.

Localizing C1ReportViewer- New in 2012 V3

C1ReportViewer is an advanced control which provides a great user interface for viewing , printing and exporting reports to various formats and much more. This feature makes it a widely used control. However, this also  brought up the need to localize the control's user interface for different languages and cultures. Keeping in mind the diverse customer base, a new propertyLocalization has been introduced  in the C1ReportViewer control with the build 4.0/3.5.20122.77 .

Getting Wijmo Ready for Win 8 and VS 2012

We are excited about the recent launch of Visual Studio 2012 and upcoming launch of Windows 8. We have been having fun using both for months now. ComponentOne has big plans for our Wijmo technology line in Visual Studio 2012 and Windows 8.

Using Wijmo in JSFiddle

Sometimes it's a lot of effort to create a new project or write an HTML file from scratch.  I know, there are tools out there to automate a lot of that, but let's assume that most people don't use them.

Check Out What’s New in 2012v2!

It’s that wonderful time of year again!  We are proud to announce that you can now download our new 2012v2 release.  There are a lot of enhancements and features in this release, and I’d love to take a few minutes to chat about some of the top features you might like to know about.

Studio Enterprise 2011 v3 Released Today!

Today is a great day around the ComponentOne offices as we're proud to announce our 2011 v3 edition of our tools has been released!