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Complete Release Notes for Studio for LightSwitch 2013 v1

Studio for LightSwitch 2013 v1 is now available and below you will find a complete list of the enhancements and fixes that we have included. If you have a current Studio for LightSwitch license, you can download and install this upgrade for free. If you do not, please contact sales to discuss your options.

HTML5 Everywhere : Part 2 Wijmo in LightSwitch CTP

Script 2: Implementing The Wijmo Radial Gauge In The LightSwitch HTML Client Original complete post is Written by ComponentOne Influencer: MVP Michael WashingtonGuess, What?  LightSwitch now has a HTML client!Prerequisite: LightSwitch HTML Client CTP (now included in Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 CTP)

Unbound Image Column in C1FlexGrid

Columns with images are pretty common and very useful.  Consider a very simple scenario where an image column represents the current status of an item in a grid.

HTML5 Everywhere : Part 1 Wijmo from scratch

HTML5 is really everywhere, isn’t it? Welcome to my new multipart blog on HTML5 development. Did you ever wonder why every session at a code camp on HTML5/JavaScript/jQuery is packed ? I did, until I sat in on Josh Broton’s session at the Iowa Code Camp last year. He made it clear thru surveys and poll data, you will loose business if your site does not have a responsive web design. You could stand to loose a staggering 60% of your sales if your site is not responsive to mobile devices, tables, laptops, desktops and everything in between. Think about it…. I am sitting on my couch and need to look something up on the internet. My laptop in ten feet away, but instead of getting up and going to my laptop, I pull my Phone 8 out of my pocket and look it up on that device. The site better run good on my phone or I am off to another site, perhaps a competitor. Is your head nodding? Many nod in my seminars, I can tell you that much.

Thoughts on Visual Studio LightSwitch after Presenting at the Pittsburgh .NET Users Group

Last week, I gave a LightSwitch 101 session to a group of experienced developers at the Pittsburgh .NET users group. This is the third such session I have given (also presented at the Hampton Roads .NET User Group and DevConnections) and the feedback has been very interesting.

Orlando, one of the best code camps set for this weekend: ComponentOne Diamond sponsor

This weekend, one of the best annual code camps I have been to, is taking place in Lake Mary, FL. The Orlando Code Camp 2013 will take place on Saturday, March 16th at Seminole State College. It’s looking like 700-800 registrations. I always look forward to this code camp. I have lots of great memories, including my first Russcam interview with Dave Noderer, just two years ago. I now have 90 episodes published and many more to come. The code camp gets bigger every year and they have a core group of volunteers and organizers that do an awesome job at getting sponsors and running the event with flawless execution.

C1Chart For LightSwitch: Displaying Labels on a Pie Chart

The C1Chart LightSwitch Extension provides various  options  to customize the various charts that that can be rendered with this extension. While most customization can be done easily at design time, but for some we need to write a little bit of code to get what we want. Displaying Labels on a Pie Chart perfectly fits this scenario , so lets have a look at how we can get this done in 2 easy steps.

Complete Studio for LightSwitch 2012 v3 Release Notes

Studio for LightSwitch 2012 v3 is now available and below you will find a complete list of the enhancements and fixes that we have included. If you have a current Studio for LightSwitch license, you can download and install this upgrade for free. If you do not, please contact sales to discuss your options.

Using C1HtmlHost in LightSwitch Application

Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch is designed to help business users and developers quickly create data-based applications with minimal code. However, we can reduce our efforts further by using ComponentOne controls in it.

Saving Occurrences of Recurring Appointments in Scheduler for LightSwitch

In C1Scheduler, an appointment (simple or recurring) is saved as a single record when stored in a database. Many times users want to store all the instances of recurring appointment in a separate table instead of saving it as a single record.

Check Out What’s New in 2012v2!

It’s that wonderful time of year again!  We are proud to announce that you can now download our new 2012v2 release.  There are a lot of enhancements and features in this release, and I’d love to take a few minutes to chat about some of the top features you might like to know about.

C1Flexgrid for LightSwitch Code Snippets

Here is another blog in our Code Snippet series. This time we'll discuss coding snippets to do the following things for C1FlexGrid for Lightswitch :

User Defined Label and Status in C1Scheduler for LightSwitch

The Appointment dialog box used in C1Scheduler for LightSwitch allows users to set a subject, location, label, start and end time, reminder, availability status, and whether the appointment is an all day event and recurring over a specified period of time. You can also specify any resources, categories, and contacts here.

Custom DetailView Dialog in C1Olap for LightSwitch

When a view is set in ComponentOne Olap for Lightswitch and user right clicks on the grid, a Details View dialog is shown. As per your project's requirement, you may want to change the look and feel of the table show. For instance, you may want to hide a column, change grid styles, etc.

C1Olap for LightSwitch Code Snippets

Here are few coding snippets for our customers regarding C1Olap for LightSwitch.

LightSwitch: No Plans to Support SQL CE

Some time ago I voted on a suggestion for LightSwitch to Support SQL Compact Edition.  I recently received a notice that the Visual Studio team had declined the issue, saying:

Conditional Formatting in Flexgrid for LightSwitch

ComponentOne FlexGrid for LightSwitch is a LightSwitch control extension that uses the same command bar elements as the built-in Data Grid; however, it replaces the underlying Silverlight grid control with the popular ComponentOne FlexGrid control. As a drop-in replacement, the extension does everything that the built-in Data Grid does, plus conditional formatting, cell merging, tree views, export to Excel (even from the Web), filtering, printing, grouping and more.

The ComponentOne Roadmap to 2012

Throughout 2012 Microsoft will be making stepwise releases of Windows 8 and Visual Studio 11 starting with a public Consumer Preview released on February 29th. With Microsoft’s new platform, application developers will have more options and more capabilities than ever before.  But professional developers won’t be the only ones to benefit from these new tools. Microsoft has really extended its reach to include non-professional application developers with Visual Studio LightSwitch, to commercial App developers with a new Metro UI Shell and App Marketplace - and to non-traditional “Microsoft” developers with first-class citizen-support for jQuery, CSS, and HTML.