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Using the WPF Report Viewer in an MVVM Application

As of 2016 v3 release, FlexReport for WPF is now available in beta! Let's look at the basics of MVVM and how Flexreport can be integrated into your MVVM app.

Webinar Feb 10! How to Migrate MVVM XAML Applications to HTML5

Learn to port desktop applications to HTML5 from an experienced web developer. We'll help you minimize the cost of learning new paradigms when you're migrating from MVVM, .NET and XAML to web.

C1DataGrid Row selection in case of Template Column using MVVM

With this blog we will discuss a user scenario wherein the row in the C1DataGrid gets selected when the TextBox contained inside the C1DataGridTemplateColumns is selected. The behavior would be handled in the case of SingleRow as well as MultipleRow Selection modes following the MVVM approach.

Using Prism with Studio for WPF

Prism helps you more easily design and build rich, flexible, and easy to maintain WPF desktop applications. These libraries assist in building loosely coupled applications as well as implementing MVVM in your applications.

Make Anything MVVM

Often times when working in WPF and Silverlight we have to perform some action in code-behind that cannot be uncoupled from the view and put in the view model. For instance, a command may affect multiple properties on a UI control or a property may not support binding. Here is a quick set of steps to make tightly coupled code-behind more MVVM-friendly.

HowTo: Display Information on Column Headers

Many a times there occurs a need to display some kind of information on a Grid's Column Headers itself.

Sorting and Grouping C1FlexGrid through XAML

Considering the popularity of MVVM pattern with WPF and Silverlight, developers are always looking to implement every possible feature in XAML.

Cascading Combo Boxes in C1DataGrid

With input based applications, we often find usage of cascading combo boxes where values of one combobox is dependent on the value selected in another combobox.

MultiSelect ComboBox for WPF, the MVVM Way

Applications demanding user input often requires end users to select multiple values from a combobox. As of now, C1ComboBox for WPF does not have the feature to allow multiple selection of values. However, with the flexibility of WPF, this feature can be implemented by extending the existing class of C1Combo.

The Making of WorkSpace Part 1: The ViewModel

A few weeks ago we released the ComponentOne WorkSpace app and it’s been quite a success with over 100 downloads per day and great user feedback. It’s a first generation spreadsheet and rich text editor all-in-one. Oh, and it also opens PDF files too just for fun.

Using LINQ to SQL Classes with WPF Flexgrid and MVVM

Using LINQ, along with an SQL Database, can make binding the Flexgrid to your data extremely painless.  In this instance, I will use my local SQL “cars” database (SQLExpress) and I will be working with strictly one table which is named carModels, shown here.

WPFViewer UI Customization using Expression Blend

Most third party developer components come with numerous features but one major feature that every developer wants is the flexibility to customize the control. ActiveReports 7 WPF Viewer is built keeping this in mind so as to give developers a freehand in customizing most WPF Viewer features.

Wijmoscilloscope: The Power of Knockout

Wijmo is a fantastic tool to make your data visible.  Along with its partner Knockout, you can tie all of your information easily and elegantly.

Chart Data Point Selection (MVVM)

Another new feature in the 2012 v3 version of the ComponentOne XAML chart controls is selection support. We’ve always been able to detect which plot element is clicked on using either the PlotElementLoaded event or DataIndexFromPoint method, but this new selection feature makes it especially easier when working in MVVM scenarios because there's no code-behind required. Charts are not typically used as a means for selection, such as a ListBox or DataGrid, but in some scenarios they work quite nicely. For example, column, bar and pie charts lend themselves very well to selection.

Chart Automatic Series Generation (MVVM)

The C1Chart control got several new enhancements in the 2012 v3 release. One of the new features introduced is automatic series generation. Two new properties on the ChartData object now enable the number of data series to be automatically generated based upon the model. This is a useful feature for developers using MVVM as now the number of series can be completely generated in the View Model.

Styling C1Chart PlotElements: The MVVM Way

MVVM architecture is quite popular among developer community and is heavily used these days. MVVM in Silverlight/WPF unlike its other Data Model counterparts, follows a simple fundamental of Code-Free Views.  Even though there are lot of conceptual features associated with MVVM,  the term Code-Free Views best fits to tell what MVVM is all about. It specifically addresses the power of data-binding and allows for a clean separation between presentation and business logic.