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HowTo : Upgrade Winforms Projects from 2.0 to 4.0 Framework

Many customers face problems while upgrading their project from 2.0 framework to 4.0 framework. Few of them also ask if they need to replace the existing 2.0 controls with some other controls or they just need to change the reference path. In this blog, you will find answers to similar questions from different customers.

QuickTool: Convert Text, RTF and VP Files To C1D

We have discussed how to load a text, rtf and vp files in C1PrintPreview controls in our following blogs :

Loading ActiveX VSPrinter Documents into C1PrintDocument

Few years ago we had a sample for converting and viewing VsPrinter Documents (*.vp) files in C1PrintPreview (1.x) control. But after the introduction of 2.0 framework and merging of C1Report and C1Preview controls, the object model of the Preview controls changed.