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More Microsoft OneDrive, Outlook.com and Office 2016 questions (and a few answers)

I've been getting a lot of reader questions and pleas for help about problems some have been hitting with OneDrive, Office and Outlook.com. It's taken some time and persistence, but I've received some responses -- and even some resolutions -- from the various teams at Microsoft. Q: OneDrive keeps disconnecting from my various devices lately. What gives?

Microsoft enables mobile-app management for Outlook on iOS, Android

Microsoft is now enabling businesses to manage more granularly its Outlook apps for iOS and Android using Intune, its mobile-device-management service. The new management capabilities for the Outlook apps -- the rebranded versions of the Acompli e-mail clients -- are about protecting corporate data in Outlook. The new functionality is part of the regularly monthly set of Intune updates from Microsoft. (So far, the company hasn't shared what else is in the set of June updates.