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How To: Control Context Menu for Report Explorer in End User Designer

The End User Designer control is a very popular component which is available with the Professional edition of ActiveReports 7. This control not only allows the end users to view the reports but also provide them the option to make any modifications to the report layout. The Report Explorer present in the End User Designer gives you a visual overview of the report elements in the form of a tree view where each node represents a report element.

Sort C1Flexgrid Bound to a BindingList

Using business objects as a DataSource is quite common these days. Here, rather than communicating directly with the data provider, the client control communicates indirectly through the data cache object. However, it is important to note the fact that the interfaces implemented by the data provider for the benefit of the data cache are different from those provided by the data cache to its clients. Else, we lose few functionality, which considering the flexibility of the C1Flexgrid, is not a pleasant affair.

Changing BorderColor of C1TrueDbGrid

Customers using C1TrueDbgrid often find themselves in need of changing the border color of the control. For instance, change the control border when the control has focus. However, there is no property or VisualStyle in C1TrueDbgrid to do this.