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HowTo: Manipulate Text Wrap in C1FlexGrid

C1FlexGrid enables cell text wrapping through cell styles. However, there is no direct way to perform customized text wrapping. For instance, suppose we want to perform wrapping after every 10 characters. In this scenario, we need to implement our own wrapping functionality.

Display Multiple Clickable Images in C1Flexgrid for Winforms

C1FlexGrid control is a powerful, full-featured grid and provides all the basic and advanced features. It also exposes a certain method SetCellImage(), that gives users the ability to display an image in a grid cell. SetCellImage() method however, lets the user display only one image in a cell. There are occasions though, when one might need to display more than a single image in a particular cell/column. This article provides us with a way to implement this.

C1FlexGrid:Filtering Image Column

Filtering is considered to be a basic functionality when we work with any DataGrid control in .Net. This apply for C1Flexgrid for Winforms as well. However, inspite of advanced filtering options in these grids, Image Filtering is a feature which still remains to be implemented.

Styling Cell Characters and Spill Text Editing in C1Flexgrid

C1Flexgrid for WinForms is hugely popular for being a flexible control and provides us with almost total control over rendering of its elements. In this blog article, I am going to discuss following customizations in C1Flexgrid :

Highlight Row on MouseHover in C1TrueDbGrid

Every programmer has its own unique requirements. The other day one of our customers required Highlighting the entire Row while moving the cursor on C1TrueDbGrid.