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ActiveAnalysis: Avoid Wait for Server Message after Postback

ActiveAnalysis serves up great data visualization on Windows, Web and Silverlight platforms and hence makes the task of performing analysis seem trivial to end users. Here let’s talk about the Web based scenario.

Wijmo Gridview: Maintaining Scroll Position on Asynchronous Postback

Most of the developers prefer placing contents in an Update Panel so that they can avoid full page postback. But, when we place Gridview for Wijmo in an Update Panel then it loses its scroll position after the asynchronous postback as the grid is reloaded. The scrollbars are reset and the end user is required to scroll it back to the location where it was before partial postback.

Redirecting to a Page during Partial Postback in Wijmo

Many times we require to redirect the current page to a new page after completion of some I/O operations or when an event is raised. However, in such cases redirection to a new page is not  possible due to occurrence of Page Callback. Page CallBack process performs only partial Postback whereas redirecting to a new page using Response.Redirect() or Server.Transfer() method requires a Full PostBack of the  page.