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PDF File Cannot Be Found

We often get questions about the following error when trying to download a generated PDF on the web:

Find and Display Reports

Now that we've set up the Administrator Dashboard, we can shift over to the Report Portal, where our users will access reports.

Microsoft Edge and PDF

UPDATE: Microsoft has fixed this issue in the Windows 10 November update, so we were able to add a print button for Edge as well. You can find it in ActiveReports 11 and in the upcoming ActiveReports 10 Service Pack 3.

Wijmo Build 5.20152.90 Available

We have just released Build 90 and it includes some nice new features, some very significant samples and of course bug fixes.

Context Menu in ComponentOne GridView

C1GridView lets you display items from a data source in an interactive, fully customizable table. And a common scenario is to display a ContextMenu and provide some functionality such as exporting to various formats etc.

How To: Export Multiple C1TrueDbGrids to a Single PDF

Exporting data to a PDF file is one of the most commonly preferred features in the .NET world. The essential ComponentOne TrueDbGrid for WinForms control has in-built support for PDF export. ExportToPDF method provides support for exporting data from a C1TrueDbGrid control to a PDF file. However, using ExportToPDF() method we can't export multiple C1TrueDbGrids to a single PDF file.

Export Your UI to PDF

With a comprehensive PDF library like C1Pdf you can do many things. You can use the .NET version on a server to generate a custom report for any client. You can use it to print data from any UI control, say a datagrid or scheduler, as PDF. You can even save your entire UI as a PDF. In this blog post I will show you the necessary code to export your UI to PDF in any XAML-based platform.

ComponentOne Chart3D : Tips and Tricks

In this post we are going to provide some useful tips for ComponentOne Chart3D for WPF which are not available out of box.

PDF Rendering with the New Windows 8.1 API

ComponentOne PdfViewer™ for WinRT XAML can display PDF documents within your Windows Store applications without requiring any external application. With the 2013 v3 release of Studio for WinRT XAML, the C1PdfViewer control includes a new render mode based off the Windows PDF API that was introduced in Windows 8.1. This article discusses the new rendering mode, the tradeoffs, as well as when you should choose to use it.

Display a PDF in C1Book – WinRT

A couple years ago I wrote this sample that shows how to use C1PdfViewer and C1Book together to display a PDF file like an interactive book. Now that we have C1Book and C1PdfViewer available in WinRT XAML, it’s time to update the sample.

Printing Spread To PDF With Background Image

Spread for .Net control support printing SpreadSheet to a Portable Document Format i.e. PDF file using the PrintToPdf method in the PrintInfo class.

Export WPF Chart to PDF in Console Application

We often receive queries from customers who are looking to use the WPF C1Chart control in a Console Application. They want to know how a Chart object can be implemented, customized and finally a PDF file can be generated with the Chart Image.

Exporting WPF Flexgrid to PDF

C1Flexgrid for WPF provides lot of flexibility in terms of exporting the data to various formats. In this blog, we look at the approach to export the grid data to PDF Format.

Exporting Wijmo GridView to PDF

Wijmo Gridview does not have any built-in methods for exporting its data to PDF or an Excel file. If you want to export to excel, then we already have a blog on this. This blog illustrates a simple approach by which you can save the content of Wijmo Gridview in a PDF file.

Archiving reports digitally with PDF/A

Document archiving is an essential requirement for organizations which are dependent on historical or sensitive data. In this electronic era, we are creating heaps of digital data and archiving them from time to time. It becomes important that these electronic documents are stored in a way that remains pertinent when referenced in future.