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In Windows Forms applications, you can print reports without previewing them using the Print method that is implemented as an extension method for the SectionDocument and PageDocument classes.

Customizing Viewer Toolbars

You can customize the toolbar in the Viewer control for Windows Forms to implement your own actions.

Printer and Page Settings (Section Reports)

In Section reports, you can set the printer paper size and report margins at run time in the Report Settings dialog. All of these settings are in the first page, Page Setup, and the second one, Printer Settings.

ComponentOne Chart3D : Tips and Tricks

In this post we are going to provide some useful tips for ComponentOne Chart3D for WPF which are not available out of box.

How To: Hide a Specific Field on Printing C1Report

An important thing about a reporting tool is that it should be highly customizable so as to give the developers flexibility to design the reports in the way they want them to be. C1Report not just allows to create the reports easily in a few steps; the customizations and features it offers have also included it in the list of user friendly reporting tools.

C1DataGrid : Print Selected Cell Range

ComponentOne DataGrid for WPF supports printing and has an inbuilt Print method to achieve the same.

Use Multiple Bins (Paper Trays) for Printing in ActiveReports

Printing is an essential feature for any Reporting tool. This stands for ActiveReports as well, which is hugely popular as a complete Reporting tool as it offers everything a report designer would require.