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Windows Bridge for iOS and Universal Windows Platform

Well over a year ago Microsoft announced that they were developing a tool to enable iOS developers to use their Objective-C code inside a Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform application (originally dubbed Islandwood). In August of 2015 Microsoft initially released their open-source project to GitHub as the Windows Bridge for iOS. I tried this tool out many months back as I was curious about what the project structure looked like and how well the whole process works. It’s been about 6 months since I initially took a look at the tool, and I was curious to to see if there had been any major changes.

Project Islandwood: Testing the Windows Bridge for iOS

Many months ago Microsoft announced their intention to enable iOS developers the ability to use their objective C code inside a Windows 10 application using a tool dubbed Project Islandwood. News on the progress of the tool was quiet for a few months, but back in August Microsoft went ahead and released the opensource project to GitHub as the Windows Bridge for iOS. I was quite curious to try this tool out to see how well it worked, what the projects looked, and experience the novelty of looking at objective-c code in Visual Studio. After spending some time playing with it I wanted to share some of my experiences working with it.