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Webinar: Introduction to FlexReport for WinForms, a .NET Reporting Tool

Looking for a lightweight, lightning-fast reporting tool to replace your current bloated .NET reports? With feature-rich controls, a lightning-fast PDF exporter, and a small footprint, FlexReport offers all the power and speed you're looking for in a reporting app — and with enhanced Crystal Reports compatibility and project conversion, you'll be able to migrate in no time.

Customizing Report Designer: Making it Easy to Create Parameterized Reports

While working with Report Designer in Reports for WinForms, the first thought that may come in your mind is "How great would it be if my application had this or that functionality?" And why shouldn't your app have it? After all, you can almost do everything from creating reports to print, preview, import and export them using a single application. Reports for WinForms is a complete package for creating simple to complex reports of almost every need.

The data-centric future of ad hoc report designers

One of the trends shaping report designer development in 2014 will be data discovery.