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Wijmo with AngularJS and RequireJS

Wijmo provides support for many frameworks like

DurandalJS and Wijmo (Part 2)

This is part 2 of a 2 part series. If you missed part 1, you can read it here.

DurandalJS and Wijmo (Part 1)

We’ve noticed a lot more people using a single page application (SPA) framework called DurandalJS, and as a result we’ve also noted an uptick in inquiries on how to use Wijmo in a Durandal application. This blog post aims to demystify much of the process of getting this to work properly.

Wijmo 2013v3 has Landed

I am happy to announce that Wijmo 2013v3 has landed! This is another monumental release for us. This release includes some major new features like Bootstrap support, AMD support, Grid row editing and Grid Command Columns as well as major performance enhancements and a long list of bug fixes.

Using Wijmo with RequireJS

Wijmo has over 40 widgets included and you are probably only using a few of them in your applications. Make your Wijmo applications faster by using our new AMD support. We provide all of our widgets and their dependencies as Modules. We also provide samples and an AMD loader using RequireJS to make getting started easier. If you want to use the Wijmo Grid, you simply need one small JavaScript reference and can then call require([“wijmo.wijgrid”]). The AMD loader will then download the grid file and files of any dependencies it has. AMD makes it easy to use individual widgets without needing to manage dependencies yourself. Using AMD will also ensure that you are minimizing the file size being downloaded to your clients.