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RAP featuring Russ Fustino - Happy Birthday INETA 2014…

Happy Birthday INETA 2014. I got a story for you that’s really lean. Those are the first two lines of a Rap that ComponentOne has compiled, honoring a great organization, INETA. It's a great story and here is the video for your entertainment and may it go viral! Developers will relate to it! Our Marketing team had a email thread a mile long coming up with the lyrics, along with many laughs. My team is comprised of Don Williamson, Shay Williamson, Eve Turzillo, Roger Hobbs and Tommy Hodges. They are the best!

RussCam Episode 100 - Best of Awards!!!!

Download the RussCam by ComponentOne Windows Phone app to watch all of these videos and have easy access to the RussCam Daily News, technical videos and more!  If you don't have a Windows Phone, see all the Russ Cam videos on the ComponentOne Russ Cam landing page.

RussCam - Lessons learned at Microsoft TechEd Speaker Idol 2013

In this very special edition of RussCam, we consolidate 4 days worth of presentations from several “Speaker Idol” contestants and most importantly constructive criticism from an esteemed panel of judges. We have a jam packed 15 minute video with over 40  incredible tips like these listed below and more… Listen and Learn! This is a deep dive into presentation skills and is prefect for viewing by anyone who teaches or presents! Enjoy this very education video. We also chat with the winner of the contest and wrap up with some tips of my own. Special thanks to Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell for running this event!

ComponentOne Announces David McCarter as C1 Influencer

We are very happy to announce the expansion of the C1 Influencer program at ComponentOne. C1 is extremely excited to announce our most recent Influencer, Microsoft MVP David McCarter.

Russ Fustino receives 2013 Microsoft® MVP Award!

Just minutes ago, I received the email from my MVP lead, Dora Chan, giving me the good news that I have been selected as a MVP in Client Development! It was right before I did my session at DevConnections in Vegas on Building a Win 8 app from scratch! How appropriate? I announced it to the crowd and got a good round of applause! Looks like my Birthday pub crawl I am planning on Nov 12, will now be a MVP achievement celebration, huh? So, those in the Tampa area, pencil it in. More details to follow on Facebook.

Awesome recorded webcast now available! JavaScript for ASP.NET Programmer

Are you new to JavaScript programming with a .NET skill set? If so, this is your video! If you missed my webcast or want a refresher, as promised, here is the recording of the session I did last week on  JavaScript for the ASP.NET Programmer!

ComponentOne Russ Cam Unplugged : New Series! Increasing Popularity of Phone apps

In this first episode of Russ Cam® Unplugged, Microsoft MVP and Nokia Developer Ambassador, Bill Reiss delivers a great session on increasing your Windows Phone apps popularity.  The goal is simple… to have you feel like you are right in the audience.

JavaScript for ASP.NET Developers Webcast Resources

For those joined the webcast on Thursday, thanks so much for setting a record on number of attendees in a ComponentOne Webcast! I hope you enjoyed it!

C1 Webcast with Russ Fustino : JavaScript for the ASP.NET Programmer 9/12

This free session will help you map your skills in C# and ASP.NET to JavaScript, use AJAX over HTTP to send and receive data, and interact with popular browser components for data binding and UI widgets.

Florida gets free ComponentOne Studio for Windows Phone 8 Controls!

That’s right! FREE!!! Just register for and show up at one of these 3 events on RussCam TV Daily News mini tour of Florida next week, Monday 7/15 thru Wed 7/17. I will give you personally a copy of Studio For Windows Phone 8 by ComponentOne as well as a chance to win  ComponentOne Ultimate Suite valued at $2295!

ComponentOne Sponsors Tampa Hackathon this Saturday : Make $$ using C1 controls

Come get your code on at TampaDev quarterly hackathon, you can register at http://www.meetup.com/tampadev and join us at the Tampa Bay Wave facility in downtown (400 N. Ashley Drive, 2nd Floor, Tampa, FL ) on June 15, 2013. Gold sponsors include ComponentOne.

AZ Groups 2013 : recap

Over 600 attendees were all ears at the 10th anniversary of AZGroups with several great sessions in one track. In particular, Scott Guthrie's session on Azure had the crowd riveted on every word. Scott is one of my favorite speakers and any chance I get to listen to him is a great experience. He qualifies the audience and he knows how to point the pain out and then solve it.  This is a technique I am a firm believer in for many of the 2000+ developer sessions I have delivered personally at Microsoft and now ComponentOne.  More presenters should use this approach of identifying the pain, as it really makes the attendees feel great. You can’t help but feel your life is about to get better as a result of listening to a session about solving pain, your pain specifically. Scott Cate did a great job lining up this event along with speakers Damian Edwards and Josh Twist. Several vendors were present in the expo hall and there was lots of interest from attendees on the C1 Controls. It was great catching up with Joseph Guadagno, Barry Stahl, and Fabio Honigmann.

ComponentOne sponsors Code PaLOUsa : recap

Code PaLOUsa 2013 was a great event and one to put on your radar for next year. It’s a two day event, with an optional pre con day. I got to tell you, this was an extremely well organized event with many great speakers and sessions. Not to mention it is held in Louisville, home of the Louisville Slugger museum! I actually bolted there right form the airport in time to catch the last tour of the day. I love baseball history. The tour sent chills up my spine with a walk down memory lane.  I’ve been to the the Baseball Hall of fame in Cooperstown, the Ted Williams hitter museum in Florida and this one completes the trifecta. Speaking of the trifecta, the weekend we were there, the first weekend in May, marked the start of all of the festivities leading up to the Kentucky derby, including hot air balloon races and the marathon. It was my first time in Louisville and was awesome with the smell of spring in the air. Great job to Chad Green and all of the conference organizers.

ComponentOne sponsors Day of .NET in Appleton Wi : recap

I got to tell you, the folks in that neck of the woods in Fox Valley, have a heart of gold. I witnessed a very strong and vibrant developer community while I was there. It was great to catch up with Clark Sell, Microsoft DE and he shared his plans for the must attend ‘That Conference’ later in August. I sat in on some Windows 8 sessions. I did a session on “Building a Windows 8 App from Scratch” and I showed off some of the tools in Studio for WinRT XAML. Hat’s off to  Keith Burnell, Greg Levenhagen and all the other organizers and volunteers of the event. It is a well oiled machine with great content and great speakers.

ComponentOne to sponsor Largest Windows Phone UG meeting in the world : Millionaire shares app success!

Yes. you heard it hear first on the RussCam Blog , the Tampa Windows Phone User Group (WPUG) now with a new twitter account - @WPUGTampa  , is nearly sold out with a room capacity at 100!!!!!!.  Get ready for a special meeting with James Vertisan. We currently have  just 6 spots left for a sell out! Register at: Http://www.wp7ug.com . The meeting will be held tomorrow night, Tuesday, at the Tampa Microsoft Office, May 21 from 6-9pm . James was one of the core members of the original WPUG Tampa and was part of our huge show and tell meeting on 7/26/11. James is now a Millionaire and is going to share his success and tips. James has the top selling app for the phone, and if you love Golf, check out his apps on the Executive Caddie site. We have several give a ways, including from ComponentOne,  C1 Ultimate, from James: 2 Microsoft Surfaces, Several Windows Phones and from Nokia, via Bill Reiss, Southeast Nokia Ambassador….

ComponentOne Sponsors May 7 Tampa Windows Phone User Group : recap

It was like no other meeting held for the Tampa WPUG. INETA Speaker Chris Gardner delivered a killer presentation on writing games for The Windows Phone. Many developers are at a loss now, that XNA seems to be on the way out. Chris enlightened up on using a similar approach that he invented without using the XNA Libraries and it was well received. Then we had two more guests which made the evening special. Bill Reiss announced he has become the southeast Nokia ambassador and will be a sponsor of the group going forward. Also, James Vertisan attended, now a Millionaire from writing apps and top selling golfer app “Shotly Golf”. He raffled of a Surface and a few phones. We also have a killer special session lined up with him next week on Tuesday May 21 at the Tampa Microsoft office titled “How I became a Millionaire writing apps” and will enlighten us all with some great experience. We have over 100 registered for this event so far and will be the largest Windows Phone user group meeting in the country! 

ComponentOne sponsors Costa Rica SQL Saturday #189 : Recap

It was an incredible weekend with close to 300 attendees for the second annual SQL Saturday/Code Camp in beautiful Costa Rica. Plenty of great sessions and great speakers were on hand from all over. In fact, I  interviewed a good number of presenters from the US as well as Costa Rica. The SQL Saturday engine is a strong one I am finding, with many presenters traveling the circuit. I presented a session on building a Windows 8 app from scratch and showed the ComponentOne Tools, Studio for WinRT/XAML. The speaker dinner was sensational with a view like I have never seen before, way up high on a mountain looking down on San Jose. Hats off to Eduardo Castro and crew for flawless execution at this event! I love Costa Rica!