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Wijmo Gridview : Restoring Group States at Client Side

In my previous blog, I discussed how you can save the open group states when you have enabled server-side editing, as group states are lost when postback occurs. But, sometimes, you may have a situation where you need to refresh or redraw the grid at client side. At that time, you would face the same issue i.e. state of the opened groups are not retained.

C1GridView : Saving Open GroupState on Server side Editing

When a group is expanded and any row is edited by clicking the Edit button in Wijmo Gridview with server side editing, the group gets collapsed. This is because in server side editing, clicking the Edit button causes a postback and the C1GridView renders in original state i.e. all groups are in collapsed state. And, the user will have to re-open that group again in order to make any change in that row.

Save State with C1FlexGrid for Silverlight

We can easily save the current state of the C1DataGrid and Greg's post here discusses the implementation in detail.